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The Aionian Phalanx


The Aionian Phalanx Navy


To facilitate the creation of the Aionian Phalanx, an ancient Havocyn named Seraphis Zetetikos, was awakened with urgent priority from their entropic freeze. This wizened warrior was one of the foremost experts on void warfare held within the sacred vaults of Djedefre-Khonsu. With the blessing of the Imperator Princept, Osirion Kheprite, Seraphis was named the Supreme Navigarch of the Aionian Phalanx Navy and was placed in overall command of all naval assets. Under their guidance, all existing naval assets of Ascent underwent retrofits and reorganization.

The few assets that Ascent did have were primarily dedicated to the planetary defense of Ikaros. Deeming this a vital strategic goal given the proximity of Ikaros to the new center of Beacon Space politics, Seraphis formed the armada; Eternity’s Vanguard. To accomplish this task, numerous Shai’Tanu were prioritized in the awakening order so that the creation of Ascent’s first armada could be expedited. Quickly adapting the ships using ancient, archived data vaults, and integrating more cutting-edge, prototype technology from Ascent, the armada’s creation was accomplished in a matter of months, as opposed to years.

The Supreme Navigarch organized each ship into an Aegis Fleet, and the armada was made up of five total Aegis Fleets. Each future armada would follow the same outline. The decision was made to utilize the vastly larger population of Ascent to staff each ship, which culminated with a grand draft on Ikaros. Each ship would feature a contingent of Ma’atgat officers from the Epistratum.

Ma'atgat Naval Contingent
Rank Role
Synesphers serve as advisors and specialists within the Phalanx Navy, often focusing on specific domains such as navigation, engineering, or science. Their role is to provide expert counsel to higher-ranking Ikarian officers, ensuring that decisions are informed by deep technical or strategic knowledge. Synesphers are integral to the operational effectiveness of the fleet, contributing their expertise to enhance performance and efficiency.
Symbiarchs are tactical commanders responsible for overseeing the execution of military operations at the squadron or strike group level. They are experts in battlefield tactics and are charged with directing combat operations, managing troop deployments, and ensuring the successful completion of missions. Symbiarchs work closely with Synesphers to integrate specialized knowledge into their strategies.
Praetorians are senior military officers with command over entire fleets or significant garrisons. They are responsible for strategic planning, fleet deployment, and overall command and control within their area of responsibility. Praetorians are distinguished by their extensive experience and proven leadership in both peacetime and wartime operations.
Medjians are elite warriors and protectors, serving as both guards for the Epistratum officers and as disciplinarians within the Ikarian ranks. They are highly trained in combat, security protocols, and loyalty enforcement. Medjians are tasked with the protection of high-ranking officials, sensitive locations, and critical assets. Their presence is a symbol of authority and order, and they are empowered to enforce discipline and resolve conflicts within the Epistratum's military structure.
Navigarchs hold high-ranking positions within the Epistratum, overseeing major sectors or theaters of operation. They are key decision-makers, responsible for the broad strategic direction and resource allocation necessary to achieve the Epistratum's objectives. Navigarchs possess a comprehensive understanding of military, political, and economic factors that influence their command decisions.
Supreme Navigarch
The Supreme Navigarch is the paramount naval authority within the Epistratum, responsible for the overall strategic direction and coordination of the Epistratum's naval forces. This position requires a visionary leader with unparalleled expertise in military strategy, diplomacy, and governance. The Supreme Navigarch works closely with the Imperator Princept to ensure that naval objectives are aligned with broader political goals.

Every ship shall be staffed by several Synesphers, an Aegis Fleet's command vessel will additionally be staffed by a Symbiarch, who assumes operational command of the Aegis Fleet. An armada, or five Aegis Fleets, will be led by a Praetorian. Larger ships than what is allocated to an Aegis Fleet are commanded by a Navigarch. The overall naval command rests with the Supreme Navigarch.

Naval Information

Ship Information

Ship Types & Roles
Ship Type Role
Dreadnought Dreadnoughts are the behemoths of the Aionian Phalanx, bristling with the most powerful armaments and protected by nigh-impenetrable defenses. They serve as the flagships for the most experienced void warriors, projecting immense firepower in fleet engagements. Dreadnoughts are often the centerpiece of any major offensive or defensive operation, capable of absorbing tremendous punishment while delivering devastating blows to the enemy. Currently, only one Dreadnought is in operation, and even then, it is incredibly worn down from time, having just awakened with the Epistratum.
Carrier Carriers serve as the mobile bases of the Aionian Phalanx, deploying and supporting fighter and bomber wings across the theater of operations. They provide air superiority and close air support for fleet operations, extending the reach of the Phalanx's power. Carriers are vital for maintaining control of space in contested regions, offering both offensive and defensive strategic options.
Cruiser Cruisers are the workhorses of the Aionian Phalanx, offering a potent mix of firepower, endurance, and operational flexibility. They are capable of independent operation across vast stretches of space and serve as command and control hubs in Aegis Fleets. Cruisers are adaptable to multiple combat roles, including planetary bombardment, space superiority, and deep-space engagements.
Destroyer Destroyers are the principal ships of the line in terms of anti-fleet combat, equipped with powerful weapons systems designed to take on larger ships and protect the fleet from enemy corvettes and frigates. They specialize in anti-capital ship warfare, utilizing a combination of heavy ordnance and advanced targeting systems. Destroyers also serve a critical role in missile defense, shielding the fleet from long-range bombardments. Crucially, Phalanx Destroyer's are designed for ritual sacrifice if required, littering space with hyper-aggressive phages that seek out and consume enemy vessels.
Frigate Frigates act as the versatile backbone of the fleet, capable of fulfilling a variety of roles from escort duties to direct combat engagements. They are designed to offer a balance between firepower, speed, and durability, making them suitable for patrol missions, anti-pirate operations, and supporting larger vessels in fleet battles. Frigates often carry specialized equipment for electronic warfare and can operate in the vanguard of a fleet or on the flanks.
Corvette Corvettes serve as the swift scouts and skirmishers of the Aionian Phalanx. They are the eyes and ears of the fleet, performing reconnaissance, rapid response, and light harassment duties. Due to their speed and agility, corvettes are ideal for probing enemy defenses, relaying critical battlefield intelligence, and engaging in hit-and-run attacks on softer targets.
Carrier Complement Subsection
Vehicle Type Role
Bombers Bombers are heavy assault craft designed to penetrate enemy defenses and deliver devastating payloads against capital ships, space stations, and planetary targets. They are equipped with a variety of weapons, including torpedoes and guided bombs, optimized for destroying heavily armored targets. Bombers typically operate under fighter escort due to their larger size and slower speeds.
Interceptors Interceptors are fast, agile spacecraft specialized in engaging and neutralizing enemy fighters and bombers before they can reach the Aionian Phalanx's ships. Their primary role is space superiority, ensuring control of the airspace around the fleet. They are armed with rapid-fire weapons and missiles, designed for quick kills in dogfighting scenarios.
Assault Fighters Assault Fighters are versatile spacecraft that strike a balance between speed, armor, and firepower. They are capable of engaging a wide range of targets, from enemy fighters to larger ships, and can perform close air support for ground operations. Assault fighters are the backbone of carrier-based strike operations, adaptable to multiple combat environments.
Stealth Fighters Stealth Fighters are specialized for covert operations and surprise attacks, equipped with technology to minimize their detection by enemy sensors. They are ideal for reconnaissance, infiltration, and precision strikes on key enemy assets. Stealth fighters carry advanced electronic warfare and countermeasures equipment, allowing them to operate undetected behind enemy lines.
Recon Craft Recon craft are light, fast, and equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and espionage technology. Their primary mission is to gather intelligence on enemy movements, fortifications, and vulnerabilities without engaging in direct combat. Recon craft are essential for strategic planning and battlefield awareness, providing real-time data to the fleet.
Miscellaneous Vessels
Vehicle Type Role
Patrol Boats Patrol boats are nimble and relatively small, designed for rapid response, reconnaissance, and coastal defense operations. In the vastness of space, these vessels patrol the perimeters of important assets, such as space stations and planetary colonies, ensuring security against piracy, smuggling, and enemy reconnaissance efforts. Equipped with moderate weaponry and advanced detection systems, patrol boats are crucial for maintaining the integrity of Aionian Phalanx territories.
VTOL Craft VTOL craft are versatile, capable of operating in space, atmospheric, and ground environments. They serve multiple roles, including troop deployment, close air support, medical evacuation, and supply transport. VTOLs are essential for rapid deployment and extraction operations, providing the Aionian Phalanx with unmatched flexibility in deploying forces to hotspots with minimal notice. Their design allows for precision landings in contested or inaccessible areas, making them invaluable for special operations and humanitarian missions.
Gunships Gunships provide heavy fire support for both space and ground operations. Armed with a variety of weapons systems, including missile launchers and energy cannons, gunships can deliver devastating firepower to support Aionian Phalanx forces. They are particularly effective in escort missions and supporting ground troops against fortified positions.
Repair and Salvage Vessels These vessels are tasked with the repair of damaged ships and the salvage of usable materials from the wreckage. Equipped with advanced repair drones and salvage equipment, they can operate in the aftermath of battles to restore fleet strength and recover valuable technology. Their role is vital in maintaining the operational readiness and sustainability of the Aionian Phalanx fleet.