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Wingjolt is an 'air beverage' consisting of ‘textured’ additives mixed in with the native atmosphere of the consuming species. Due to its nature Wingjolt is served in a pressurized container. Although new containers can be obtained at time of purchase, it's customary to bring your own containment vessel to save on the prohibitive cost. Serving sizes are differentiated by pressure rather than volume, ranging from Low, Medium, to High, and of course the extreme CRUSHING size.

The Wingjolt originates from an airborne species that lived in the upper cloud layers of a gas giant, filtering life-giving nutrients from the dense atmospheres of their homes. The gas is thick enough that most species, including humans, can swallow and achieve some nutritional benefit, generally restoration of electrolytes, albeit at risk of belching.

Wingjolt is available in a wide variety of sensations, differing little in taste but greatly in texture, and 136 different atmospheric compositions. These sensations include:

  • Wingjolt Original - Electric effect that subsides to light numbing
  • Cool Breeze - Ingestion triggers endothermic reaction. Care for actual brain freeze
  • Limetastic - Contrary to confusion in Commonwealth space, actually not lime flavored, but highly basic