The Rānzo

From Beacon Space

The Rānzo is a Whai vessel that revealed and explored an ancient ruin, Manitou Bleed Temple over the planet Langgan in the Kuafu system.

The ship was part of an exploratory strike fleet that found the Kuafu system. A historian aboard the ship, Tirta Alhaji first noticed the gravitational anomaly and theorized the connection to the lost Mamitu Academy. The crew would go on to activate the ruin and bring it's power to the Tahora Whai.


  • Tirta Alhaji - A bleed sensitive historian, they were the first to discover the anomaly
  • Beamish - Helmsman of the Rānzo
  • Zakk Neuman - Master gravity lens recruited to navigate the anomaly
  • Enitan - data specialist
  • 'engineer' - unnamed