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The Techdivers are a martial order of warrior-monk-scientists who operate out of Ikaros under the nominal command of Ascent. They believe in purity of soul and spirit, dedicating themselves to their mission of discovering lost and dangerous technology. They embark on expeditions to ruins and archives and "dive" into such places. Due to the dangers associated with lost technology, such as unencountered viruses, unbraked and alien AI, unknown power fields, or the many other potential hazards, the Techdivers swear off the use of personal technology. On a Dive They use only what is absolutely neccessary such as Breathers and Environment suits. They rarely will own spacecraft of their own instead hiring the use of others.

They are masters of the martial art Alhafir "Way of the Unencumbered Hoof". They hone their bodies to replace what they have lost through their ascetic rejection of technological use. This martial art has a bias towards the bodies of Ikarosians. It utilises the advantages of their natural speed, long limbs, and horns though it is possible for any species to learn. It is also designed to fight against technological enemies such as robots and automated turrets with movement patterns that confuse common algorithmic biases.