From Beacon Space

The Semi-Autonomous Independant Drone, Mine!Eral Edition or SAID ME is a highly specified adaptation of an increasingly common drone chassis developed by a combination of the Tahora Whai and Assembled Commonwealth. As opposed to the baseline SAID, which is simply a highly adaptable and programable drone design, the Mine!Eral Edition has powerful upgraded engines and sensors along with an integrated 30cm x 20cm liquid display backlit high definition screen. It uses these technologies to scan any sapient individual, detect the edge of their conscious vision, and hover just outside of it displaying Mine!Eral and associates advertisements in an attempt to have a subliminal effect. A competing product line operates under the name TALK.


The SAID platform was independantly developed as an open-source platform by a large collective of the Tahora Whai gestalt in collaberation with the Assembled Commonwealth, along with advisors from Children of the Vein, the Amelhart Institute, and the Aguamala Syndicate. It is highly modular, with different componants easily compatible regardless of origin. This puts it in a unique position within a galactic community that widely does not compromise when it comes to compatibility with other cultures. The base SAID chassis was developed on Dynae, wheras the Mine!Eral specific upgrades were intially developed and manufactured by a thinktank collective on the Olivine Belt. As they became more developed, manufacture moved to Mine!Eral facilities onboard TTGI station.


No published scientific study in the last thousand years has been able to produce double-blind reproducable results that prove the effacacy of subliminal advertising, especially given the vast range of sensory input afforded to the various sapient species within Beaconspace. It is speculated that any shown positive effect is comparable to traditional advertising, and the efforts to hover in the periphery only damage brand image by being incredibly irritating.

The First Wave

The first time SAID:ME emerged onto the beaconspace stage it was in a "rugpull" cryptocurrency scheme trying to advertise "Pinetrunk Coin" in the Eon Ring. It was largely unsuccesful, with many of the first edition of SAID ME being destroyed within a few hours.

The Second Wave

Following the first serious engine upgrade, the next campaign for "Mega Juicer Whoopsy Burger" was more succesful. Unlike the previous iteration the average person was not able to move fast enough to destroy the drone, with 76% of them surviving until the end of the campaign. The Whoopsy Burger franchise saw a 3% increase in sales, which was much reported as a success, despite it being a 1% drop in growth rate compared to the previous week.

The Third Wave

Satisifed with the test results on Ingirid, Mine!Eral shifted production to the TTGI station and developed them as "package bursts" that would be delivered for free to spaceships and stations across beaconspace. Upon detecting sapient life and an operable environment the package explodes outwards releasing 40 drones that then continue advertising Mine!Eral and it's associated products and services. It is impossible and unknown how effective this campaign is, though Mine!Eral publishes claimed "confirmed positive results" daily.