Order of the Mystic Dragons

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The Order of the Mystic Dragons
Motto On dragon wings, we soar; for justice, we roar!
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Leader Grandmaster Cecilia Sethdragon
Homeworld Sihi
Colors Black(#000000), Blue(#2492b3), Red(#5e0808)

The Order of the Mystic Dragons is one of the many various orders of the Starlit Court.

Martial Focus

The Mystic Dragons hold superiority over the skies and above. For centuries, they have tamed the mighty space dragons that were once thought to be mere myths. They soar through space and skies, raining down justice and fear on their enemies. They use agile stealth mechs, and their dragons are equipped with similarly agile mecha armour for the ultimate in unified aerial combat.

Order Details

Capital Ship

The Leviathan

Core Virtue

Honour, Justice, Unity

Tenets of the Order

Death before Dishonour
Regardless of man or beast, no one is left behind
Man and beast must exist in harmony for one to be whole.


  • Air Superiority
  • Dragon Riders
  • Overwatch
  • Stealth
  • Origin

When the original members of the court voted to form the 12 original orders, the Order of the Mystic Dragons was among them. There is a legend that states that the Order's founding members were sentient dragons who agreed to serve with the order. In today's world, dragons have become symbiotic in nature; a knight's relationship with their dragon companion is essential to the order's mission and its cause. Known as The Dragon's Hand, Syr Lady Guinevere Morgana Sethdragon founded the order. Whenever the Starlit court requires them, the order will stand on guard. Dying in service to the court is the highest honour one can achieve.

They believe in the ultimate bond of man and beast, If the two are not in perfect harmony, then neither will be able to function effectively.


From an early age, applicants are chosen through a very special and controlled ceremony. Each prospective pledge is presented with a dragon egg, which will react If the pledge is chosen by its host. When an egg chooses an applicant, it begins the process of hatching, which may take place over several days. If they are chosen, the pledge is accepted into the order as a squire-to-be. If not, they are cycled until all the dragon eggs have chosen a partner, and they are then enrolled in Blackthorn Academy. Should a pledge be unchosen by a dragon egg, the recruits will be sent back into the general populous where they can try again in the future should they make the cut. A similar ceremony is performed should a dragon lose their partner in combat or an adult knight be recruited to join the order.

As the bond between the rider and dragon is very strong, many dragons spend time actually grieving for their lost partner before actually choosing another. Although extremely rare, a few have been too wounded by the loss of their partner that they were forced to retire. When a dragon is retired, they are either taken in by the Den Mother or the family of the rider will adopt the dragon, if possible.


Located on the top section of the Leviathan, the order uses Blackthorn Academy in the small city of Avallon. The building and grounds are used to educate and train the order's recruits and members because they are primarily recruited as children, which requires specialised education to prepare them for life within the order. Before being relocated to The Leviathan, the academy was founded as a private academy on the homeworld by Syr Maximus Puglus Sethdragon. As a tribute to Maximus's beloved dragon, it was named after him.

Three buildings make up the campus of the academy, two of which serve as dorms for attending students and one of which houses classrooms, the gym, and the library. There are several laboratories and fabrication workshops in the underground compound beneath the central building. There are outdoor weapons ranges, swimming pools, and mech courses, as well as an aerial landing pad, which is located on the roof.

Current Notable Leaders

Grandmaster: Lady Cecilia Sethdragon - Mother Of Dragons (Years served: 20 - Present)
Submaster: Syr Marcus Valerian - The Whisper
Headmaster: Lady Cosmina Mondrake - The Iron Eagle
Avallon City Jarl: Syr Julie Sharma Kaur - The Winter Angel

Other Members

  • Syr Rhydian McAngus, Son of Syr Loin McAngus the Beefy. Dragon Knight.

Previous Grandmasters

Syr Lady Guinevere Morgana Sethdragon - The Dragon’s Hand - {900 - 740)
Born: 694 TOK, Elentar
Years served: 1 EGM - 91 EGM
Died: 10 EE, Sihi

Syr Alexander Giaus Sethdragon - The Sentinel
Born: 85 EGM, Sihi
Years In Office: 1 EE- 145 EE
Died: 156 EE, Avalon City, The Leviathan

Syr Aegeus Claudas Sethdragon - The Mistake
Born: 90 EGM, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 145 EE - 155 EE
Died: 155 EE, Unknown

Syr Lady Caelia Seer Sethdragon - The Crystal Drake/1st Overseer Of The Crystal Orchid
Born: 116 EE, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 156 EE - 142 AoQ
Died: 152 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan

Syr Zethrus Aurelius Sethdragon - The Wraith
Born: 90 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 142 AoQ - 290 AoQ
Died: Unknown

Syr Antonis Giaus Claudas Sethdragon - Emerald Drake
Born: 249 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 290 AoQ - 436 AoQ
Died: 450 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan

Syr Lady Calypso Annelie Sethdragon - The Winter Rose
Born: 402 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 437 AoQ - 552 AoQ
Died: 552 AoQ, Sihi

Syr Lady Cecilia Sethdragon - Mother Of Dragons
Born: 530 AoQ, Avalon City, The Leviathan
Years In Office: 551 AoQ - Present
Died: NA




Those who are chosen by the dragon eggs and are inducted into Blackthorn Acadamy, are given this title. Normally only children will hold this title until they have completed schooling, although rare, some adults have historically gained this title by being inducted into the Order later in life.

Wym Squire

This title is given to those who have completed their schooling and are ready to be admitted into the regular ranks of the order and begin their advanced training.

Dragon Knight

This title is given to adults who have completed their advanced training and have bonded completely with their dragon companion; this makes up the bulk of the knights in the order.

Wyvern Knight

The title is given to those dragon knights who have shown elite skills and go above and beyond for the order, they act as Fang commanders and often are the best-trained and equipped knights within the order, with the exception of The Varangian Guard.


This rank is granted to the second-in-command of the Order; they act as an adviser to the Grandmaster, as well as a substitute if the Grandmaster is killed or otherwise unable to perform their duties for a temporary amount of time

In the event that the grandmaster is killed, the Submaster will take control of the order until a new Grandmaster can be established; if no other suitable candidates are found, the Submaster will become the new grandmaster, and a new Submaster will be adopted.

Grandmaster (Dragon Lord/Lady)

This is the leader of the order; historically this has been held by a member of the Sethdragon family since its inception. They represent the order in all matters involving the government of Sihi and the round table.

Specialty Ranks

Beast Masters

For generations, the Beastmasters have trained to tame and breed the beasts The Starlit Court has encountered throughout the galaxy. Their specialty is taming and breeding space dragons. As needed, they are also trained to exterminate undesirable fauna. The Beast Wardens were formed in 80 AoQ by Wyvern Knight Syr Lyonnet and his Beast Master knights under the blessing of Grandmaster Caelia, which eventually became its own order.


Those with this designation are masters of genetic experimentation and manipulation, trained in all manner of biology. Although they typically perform on megafauna they have been known to attempt human experimentation as well. They contributed to the creation of many of the implants used across Sihi in both humans and fauna alike. This designation is often flooded with bleed-users who specialise in Biomancy.

Den Mother/Father

The title was granted to the reigning guardian of The Leviathan, an archipelago ship, home to the space dragons. This individual is one of two people who are permitted to handle the sacred dragon eggs used for the recruiting process. This position is usually granted to the Grandmaster of the Order or a person who they have chosen to receive it. They are often charged with looking after the dragons who have retired or are too injured to be in combat.


This title is granted to the person placed in charge of Blackthorn Academy. This position is granted by the grandmaster, and is one of the highest honours outside of combat. The Headmaster is in charge of assigning teaching and determining the most efficient curriculum.

The Varangian Guard (The Shadows of Sihi)

These specially trained knights excel in infiltration, assassinations, cyber espionage, data collection and supply requisition. To become a member of the Varangian Guard, one must complete the most intense training of their life. Only the best of them make it, and many have died from the trials, but those that succeed are considered true masters. Once they complete their training, they are stripped of their old identity and given a new one from an archive of “retired” agents, which becomes their new identity until death.

They operate in cells and sometimes solo, answering directly to The Wraith, a shadowy figure shrouded in mystery. It’s unknown whether this individual is a person or simply a hologram controlled by the Grandmaster, though plenty of theories exist. There are rumours that those who hold this title are immortal, due to the standard of recycling identities which has earned them the moniker “The Shadows of Sihi”. Although their missions usually take place away from Sihi, they can be called upon to investigate crimes committed within the order itself when the need arises.

Zilant (Spectres)

Those with this distinction have proven their marksmen skills and become experts in their field. Though technically a subdivision of The Varangian Guard, they operate within lances(fangs) to provide long-range tactical support.

Fleet and Equipment


The Dragoons

These are the smaller combat-capable vessels that fly in formation with The Leviathan, due to the capital ship's size. The Dragoons are deployed to protect her; they are faster to deploy and more nimble than the Dragon Knights, though they usually only engage targets that directly threaten The Leviathan.

The Dreadnaughts

These vessels are the main transport and support fleet. Although the dragons are capable of flying in the vacuum of space, it is often more logistical to simply load them into the Dreadnaughts when the situation is deemed too dangerous to involve The Leviathan directly. They are equipped with weapons should they be attacked when transporting personnel.

The Dragonflies

These small drones are used within the ships to perform repairs or other support services in the event that the vessels in the Order are damaged in the middle of the battlefield and don’t have access to repair facilities. The drones are able to self-replicate in the event they are attacked and destroyed by utilising a hivemind system.

The Leviathan

Leviathan is one of the biggest ships in the court's fleet, said to be 1/10th the size of Sihi. Besides housing the order's giant space dragons, it also serves as the capital ship. Avallon's centrepiece is The Oynx Castle, the main residence of the grandmaster, which is located in the heart of the city. The upper surface is divided into three wards, Avallon, Mystic Sanctuary, and Crystal Lake. The ship is divided into several layers, including: The control deck, The upper surface, The lower surface, The Underground, The burrow (The flight deck) and finally The engineering deck.

The Ravens

The Varangian Guard uses these specialised stealth vessels. The vessels come equipped with state-of-the-art stealth systems that allow them to blend into their environments, though they are especially effective in space. Generally, they let agents slip around without being noticed. Despite being less armoured than most vessels of their size, their weapon systems are more than capable of defending themselves.



Drake Class Powered Dragonscale Plate Mk.VI

Drake Class Powered Dragonscale Plate was created from the genetically altered metallic scales of the space dragons, which are humanely harvested. The armour is capable of withstanding blows from court mono-blades, as well as small arms, though less so than heavier models of armour. To make up for this, the scales are capable of blending into their environments. The suit is designed to enhance the stealth, manoeuvrability, dexterity, and speed of the wearer. Its central interface, codename “Quinn” is a sudo-artificial-intelligence, which automates basic suit functions, allowing the wearer to better combat focus. The primary weapons systems are two concealed mono-blades, which can be retracted from the side of both legs. The secondary weapons are small coil emitters installed in the palms, replacing the need for a side arm.

Spectre Class Stealth Suit

The Spectre Class Stealth Suit is a light armour weave coated in a metamaterial that near perfectly channels light around the wearer, such that only the most observant watcher would spot any distortions in their sight. It was originally based on the Ghost-Skin technology that was reverse-engineered. It is a standard kit for the Shadows of Sihi and is comparable utility-wise with power armour, not as sturdy, but certainly just as useful.


Reaper Class Mech Armour

Reaper Class mech armour is not for traditional mechs, it is designed to be equipped to the Space Dragons to augment their abilities and make them more formidable. Their helmets are designed to focus their breath weapon into a concentrated beam capable of damaging all manner of ships and other vessels. The armour interacts with a special implant embedded in the dragons, allowing complete communication between the rider and beast. The Order of the Fae is often called upon to install supplementary technology into the dragons of the Order of the Mystic Dragons. These augmentations allow for Mechs to be piloted by singular fae and facilitate a stronger bond between rider and dragon.

Shade Class Mech

This mech was designed to interlock with the Reaper Mech Armour to aid the dragon knight's fighting prowess. The interlock makes the two beings one. Though not all dragon knights utilize these mechs, they are the most common.




A razor-sharp mono-wire whip whose handle contains a small power source allowing the whip to be electrified when in use, most effective against lightly armoured targets or creatures. It is a regular part of a beastmaster’s standard issue kit, and it can also be used non-lethally to wrap around limbs.


MIR-142 Anti-Material sniper mag cannon

The standard-issue rifle assigned to The Spectres, a.k.a. Zilants. With superior optics and deadly large calibre firepower, they are designed to take down heavily armoured targets from a maximum of three thousand yards away. Firing massive Mag projectiles at near Mach speeds.

OPR-14 Plasma Gatling Cannon

When one is outnumbered, you call upon the mighty OPR-14, a massive Gatling cannon capable of flinging hot plasma at a very rapid rate. It is not operable by a typical person, so it is usually manned by someone in a mech. There is only a small number of them available.

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