Cecilia Sethdragon

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Lady Cecilia Sethdragon
Name Syr Lady Cecilia Guinevere Vivian Sethdragon
Affiliation Starlit Court
The Order of the Mystic Dragons
Played By AsheleeDF#4701
Homeworld Sihi > The Leviathan > Avallon City
Birth Date 530 AoQ (Age of Quests)
Death Date N/A
Species Human+
Gender Female (She/Her)
Bleed Aptitude Biomancy
Height Standing: 6’ 5” (196cm)
In Armour: 7’ 1” (216cm)
Weight 200 lbs (91kg)
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Emerald

Traits and Appearance


  • Breaker of Chains
  • Grandmaster of the Order of the Mystic Dragons
  • Hero of the battle of Arthur’s Rift
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Overseer of The Crystal Orchid


Syr Lady Cecilia Sethdragon is the current reigning grandmaster of The Order of the Mystic Dragons

Early Life

Lady Cecilia Sethdragon was born in 530 AoQ in the City Of Avalon (located on the Starlit Courts secondary worldship SCS Leviathan) alongside her Twin sister Astrid Sethdragon. Her parents were Lady Calypso Sethdragon the now former grandmaster of The Mystic Dragons and Syr Noland Sethdragon former Shadowster of The Varangian Guard.


TBA Later

Combat History

TBA Later


TBA Later


  • Mother: Syr Lady Calypso Annelie Sethdragon - The Winter Rose (8th Grandmaster of the Order of the Mystic Dragons) [Deceased]
  • Father: Syr Noland Mackenzie Sethdragon - The Reaper [Retired]
  • Older Sister: Syr Nora (Sethdragon) Drake - The Swift [Deceased]
  • Twin Sister: Syr Lady Astrid Revna McAngus-Sethdragon - The Dominionist Queen
  • Brother-in-Law: Syr Robert Drake - The Builder [Deceased]
  • Nephew: Syr Corwin Drake -The Laughter
  • Brother-In-Law: Syr Maelon McAngus-Sethdragon - 22nd Champion of Sihi [Deceased]
  • Nephew: Prince Arthur Aurelion Tybalt Maelon McAngus-Sethdragon - Future The High King
  • Neice: Princess Madisyn Alissa Revna Morgana McAngus-Sethdragon - The Dragon's Voice

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