Nabrene Forence Wylt

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Nabrene Forence Wylt is a Queltl ‘Freedom Fighter’ and expert mechanic who considers the Royals ruling of Kardakouk to simply be a second set of Jailors. He managed to escape Kardakouk before Isolation ended after various terrorist acts. As such, he became wanted by Concord authorities and joined up with the Dominionist Faction 12 years before Isolation ended. With the end of isolation Nabrene has only become more enraged as the process he fought for became legal and permissible only after he had already committed his acts and been branded a criminal for doing so.

Nabrene Forence Wylt
Name Nabrene Forence Wylt
Affiliation Militant Dominionist Sects
Played By Player
Homeworld Kardakouk
Birth Date ?
Death Date ?
Species Queltl
Gender Male
Bleed Aptitude Non-Magical
Height 4 foot
Weight average Queltl weight
Eye Colour Black with white scar

Traits and Appearance

Nabrene has a very distinctive feature that makes him very distinctive from other Queltl. Across his left eye is a constantly slowly growing x shaped bleed scar. It reaches across the entire eye and two inches onto his face. Another mystery, it is not clear precisely how he got this injury but the bleed scar is slowly expanding and deepening over time. It currently leaves him almost entirely blind in that eye but this was a development that changed over time and initially he retained considerable vision from it. The scar itself is a brilliant white with sickly dark green patches that indicate where the bleed energy is slowly eating into his body. It is believed to be some sort of biomantic curse as nabrene himself is not bleed sensitive so it is unlikely to be self-inflicted.


Nabrene Forence Wylt (navy blue, feldgrau, wenge) was born in Sejtblokk to a large family (as is often the case for Queltl) 28 years before the end of isolation. He was afforded the highest level of education available for someone who didn't gain access to the elite Visgasz facilities. In doing so his mind turned to politics fairly often and from an early age he quickly grew disillusioned with the monarchy of the concord. Whilst the majority of the population see the Lacuvia and Mobu'nacar as a wonderful symbol of the Union between the Queltl and Tar'et Nabrene saw them as a symbol of authoritarian rule. A corrupt power system made to exploit both species. As he would put it "the Concord merely traded one set of jailors for another . He especially hated the policy of isolation, seeing it as an affront to the freedom that was so hard to obtain. Nobody should have the power to keep the Queltl and tar'et contained on Kardakouk. As such Nabrene turned to something rarely found on Kardakouk, republicanism.

Over time Nabrene became more and more radicalised to the point where he did the unthinkable, plotting an attack on the royals themselves. Being only the leader of a small group he was quite unsuccessful but in the process caused many civilian casualties. As such, 12 years before the end of isolation he launched a desperate attempt to escape Kardakouk. Somehow, after causing even more damage he was actually successful in his escape in no small part thanks to his partnering the form of the Tar'et companion he always has with him named Meytaal'Afgryse. It is not clear exactly when the two began their association but they have been in partnership since at least 15 years before isolation ended.

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