Moshound Diaries

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Moshound Diaries
Genre Serial Drama
Created By Erika Reichenstien
Theme Music "Snowpile Snugglin'"
Composer Gregor "Lil G" Deveraux
Place of Origin 1008 Gograpatk
Original Language Mosish
Number of Seasons 14
Number of Episodes 142
Release Date November 1012 TSYAB
End Date December 1028 TSYAB

Moshound Diaries is a weekly serialised and dramatised retelling of the events regarding the Moshounds, a minor crime family within the Larkspur Combine on Mos. Following significant members of the crime family and their interactions in the Mos penumbra as they compete with other crime families and extralegal organisations for wealth, power, and most importantly - respect. Based upon the diary of William O'Shea, who famously entered into voluntary exile within the Ascent main university, the show reconstructs events that William described in his Diary. From the start of the Moshounds as youths to their later growth into a major criminal organisation. The provinence of this Diary and the factual accuracy of the events depicted within are the source of some controversy.


Moshound Diaries was initially funded and produced by the state owned broadcasting corporation of the Larkspur Combine on Mos, when due to unknown reasons the project was dropped. It would be three years later until a private enterprise ran by associates of the original Moshounds, Criminax, would pick it up to produce the show.

Deciding on a format of short tight stories set within compact high quality seasons, the show would run for fourteen seasons over the span of sixteen years. The exceptions being two winter holiday episodes, both of which were considered to be "cast reunions" and not in line with official canon of the show as they featured characters already dead, alternate views of how things could have gone, and overall a mystical fable feel.


Many claim that due to friends of the protagonists producing it, combined with the doubtful provenance of the source material, that the show should be treated entirely as a work of fiction despite the warning shown at the start of every episode that it is "Based upon a True Story."


TV Show ran for fourteen seasons over one hundred and fourty two episodes. From 1012 to December 1028.

Season Episodes Release Date
1 10 1012TSYAB
2 10 1014TSYAB
3 10 1014TSYAB
4 10 1015TSYAB
5 10 1016TSYAB
6 10 1017TSYAB
7 10 1019TSYAB
8 10 1020TSYAB
9 10 1021TSYAB
10 10 1022TSYAB
11 10 1023TSYAB
12 10 1024TSYAB
13 10 1025TSYAB
14 10 1028TSYAB
Specials 2 N/A

Season 1

In this season we were introduced to the main cast of Moshound Diaries - including the current Matriarch, Underbosses, and on the ground soldiers. Engaged in a bitter feud with the Dubois' Family, this season highlights the poor beginnings of the Moshounds. Ending in a climatic showdown between the two crime families underneath a Prizefight event, the Moshounds come out on top and absorb the territory of the Dubois.

Season 2



Season Episode Summary
1 1 William O'Shea introduces the Moshound crime family, including a scuffle over exactly who controls lucrative street corner 24th and Lobster.
1 2 The Chippy Gang attack at the heart of the Moshounds interests and attempt to abduct Lilleth Connor, accountant for the Moshounds drinking establishment
1 3 Lil G has a plan to strike back at the Chippy gang, but it would mean coming into conflict with neighbouring crime family - The Dubois
1 4 Attack on the Chippy gang succesful the Moshounds go out on the town to celebrate
1 5 The Dubois seek revenge and Lil G is injured. William approaches the Matriarch with a potential solution
1 6 The Moshounds and Dubois enter a temporary Ceasefire as detective Tzafi Suarez visits town
1 7 Temporary Alliances become strained as Tzafi gets close to uncovering the truth
1 8 Lilleth comes up with a surprising scheme to rid both gangs of their problem
1 9 Preperations for the prize fight goes ahead as William discovers the Dubois are not exactly who they seem to be
1 10 It all comes to a head as the Moshounds and the Dubois face off underneath the arena. Who will come out alive?



  • Harry Ekman as William O'Shea, Ambitious Footman of the Moshounds who would later become one of it's most prominant and infamous leaders. Also serves as the narrator at the start of each episode.


  • John Doe as Tzafi Suarez Bleed prospector and private “headhunter” who uses his skill with metamagic to identify and track down rogue criminals
  • Skippy as Nix the Pug, Tzafi Suarez' sidekick

Guest Stars

Story Arcs and Themes

The Story Arc primarily follows the small Moshound Crime family as they grow into one of the larger crime families on Mos. It touches on themes of Familial Loyalty, perseverance in the face of adversity, and asking the question 'How far are you willing to go to achieve your Goals?'

Critical Reception

The initial seasons were widely well recieved, earning an average of 93/100. However, as the series progressed, controversy surrounding the source material and the Moshounds themselves led to a dropoff in viewers and in critical opinion leaving the middle series with a 64/100. As controversy was resolved and higher production budgets were given to the later seasons, they were able to reclaim some of their past glory to round out seasons 10-14 with an average of 85/100.

Related Media and Spinoffs

A related show based on the life of Tzafi Suarez, Bleed Detective, is currently in production and set to release in 1038 TSYAB.

Other Merchandising

For a time Moshounds branded clothing and weaponry was popular among youths in various locations. It became less popular when people started getting shot for wearing gang affiliated clothing.

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