Jobs In The Combine

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An Informational Pamphlet

The head of the Larkspur Combine is known as the Godfather or Don. He is usually but not always also the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mos. Directly under him are the Underbosses and Arbiters. These Underbosses are the various heads of the families of the main bloodlines within the Combine. While the Arbiters are enforcers of the Don’s word among the families. Their most recent blunder was being unable to keep the Albescu family in line.

At the disposal of the Don and Underbosses are the Councilors. The Councilors are impartial parties in negotiations both within Family Meetings (everyone) or one on one family negotiations.

Bookies and Informants answer to either the Don directly or the Underbosses and their Generals. Bookies, as a collective, keep track of all of the Larkspur Combines assets. Each Bookie oversees a small portion of the overall asset count. Depending on what exactly an individual Bookie is tracking determines who they report too. On the other hand Informants gather intel for the whole of the Combine. They collect information from working in the service industry, as secretaries for our opponents, and good old fashioned spies. Anyone in the Combine can use Bookies and Informants to get what they need, where they need, when they need.

The Underbosses have their own people in their command. Each one has a General or two to organize all of their people. These tend to be close blood relatives to the Underboss but not always. They handle the largest scale of enforcement. They typically front as high ranking military officers or police officials. Under each General are a few Commanders. These mid-level enforcers front as local leadership, Sheriffs, Mayors, and Deputies. They go on higher profile enforcement cases than your standard goon but not the super high profile stuff like the Generals. Think of Commanders like the middle management of the enforcement of an Underbosses rule. Under the Commander are the Officers. Some call them Goons, Grunts, or even Lackies. They handle the day to day enforcement operations. They collect protection money from the local mom and pop’s, break the knees of those who dare threaten the local mom and pop’s, and deliver the blackmail to the proper people at the proper places. These folks often front as every day police officers, postal workers, construction workers, so on and so forth.

Outside this power structure we also work with those not in the capital F Family. These fine folks either owe us something or support us and we will take full advantage of both of those! If you owe us something you will likely be called an Associate. You will give us what we need one way or another. On the other hand if you support the Larkspur Combine we will support you. You can work your way into the Family simply by doing what we need of you and keeping your mouth shut. You’ll know you made it when you start hearing your contact calling you a Candidate! Congratulations sonny!

Finally we should talk about those members of the family that aren’t part of the capital F family. These fine folks are to be left to themselves. Do not give them information about the Family’s dealings, but on the family’s dealings. Those who have loose lips are often referred to as “Little Cousins” or some such behind their backs. While this is not condoned behavior we understand it does happen, and you should be aware. For all other person’s important to the Combine for one reason or another they are referred to as “friend’s of the Family” with a capital F. These people are looked out for on our dime to keep the whole operation running smoothly.


  • Don - Head of the Government and Organization
  • Bookies - The people who track all of our assets. Money, weaponry, information, ect.
  • Informants - The moles who get us our blackmail and info.
  • Councilors - The advisors to both the Don and the Underbosses. They help make decisions as an impartial party.
  • Arbiters - Handles inter-family squabbles. They, usually, hold high posts in the planetary military.

Under the enforcement umbrella:

  • Under Boss(es) - The most influential family is second in command. Though everyone sits equal on a council with the Don. Each family picks their own title. (Parriarch, Vali, Don, Ect.)
  • General - In charge of all Commanders under a particular underboss.
  • Commander - Local leaders and middle management. Take on larger hits/operations. Organize all Officers in their region.
  • Grunts/Lackies/Officers - Day-to-day blackmail deliverers, knee-cap breakers, and bribe/protection money collectors.

Outside this power structure are:

  • Little Cousin - A person with no mob ties other than blood.
  • Candidates: People who support the mob in a particular region. In line to become Grunts.
  • Associates: People who owe us favors, monetary debts, and information.
  • Friends of the Family: People of Interest we have a vested interest in protecting/safeguarding.
  • Legal Council - Our legal counsel across the sector. Dirty Cops, politicians, and lawyers.

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