How It's Done

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How It's Done is a long running popular reality TV show on Mos, where a rotating cast of hosts visit struggling homesteads and villages to solve their problem. How it’s done is currently on its 43rd season, and has another three currently in production. The show has a stated purpose of teaching survival and colonization skills. The show mostly thrives off of drama generated by stubborn locals, emotional manipulation, and editing tricks to increase interest and extend out episode length.

A typical episode will consist of the expert arriving at a struggling homestead, holding a meeting with its owner. There will typically then be an attempt to solve the problem that will inevitably fail due to the stubbornness of the client. A varying length of time will be dedicated to interpersonal drama between the family of the homestead, and the host/expert. The episode will then wrap with the hosts implementing a lasting solution to the settlement's problem, followed by a detailed breakdown of the techniques used in the show. The episode will then typically wrap with a set of emotional responses by the owners of the homestead.

Several seasons have consisted of the hosts taking on the challenges of an entire town. These seasons have more involved story lines, involving earning the trust of the townsfolk through a series of small temporary fixes, before the last two or three episodes focus on completely reworking the town’s settlement strategy. These larger seasons have been more popular than the typical homestead rescue format, and have led to the short lived ‘Save my Settlement’ spin off. Stunts like buying a town an agricultural mech, renting a set of industrial mechs to build a road, and implementing large scale infrastructure programs dramatically increase the price of these seasons. These expenses caused the ultimate end of the Save My Settlement spin off, and have made it so these larger seasons only happen once every few years to help boost ratings when the show is doing poorly.

Lessons taught by the program include but are no means limited to:

  • Proper well construction
  • Crop rotation
  • Identifying the correct crops for your local biome
  • Boar hunting
  • Pest control techniques
  • Basic herbology and first aid
  • Waste water purification techniques
  • Proper mine shaft construction
  • Home repair
  • Vehicle repair
  • Mech modification and maintenance
  • Establishing a local power grid
  • Hunting and survival skills
  • Cooking and long term food storage
  • Water and soil desalination
  • Urban planning techniques
  • Lumberjacking
  • Woodworking
  • Pottery
  • Glassblowing
  • The creation of a rudimentary chemical lab
  • How to erect a networking tower
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