Hela IV

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Hela IV
Government Independent (Krahun)
System Hela
Population Unknown
Atmosphere Gas giant
Biosphere No native biosphere
Temperature Pretty darn cold

Hela IV is the home planet of the Krahun, a gas-based lifeform. It has a diameter of 100,212km, and is one of the biggest bodies in the system. The Krahun's translated thoughts refer to it as Truehome, but it is most commonly referred to as Hela IV.


Hela IV is a gas giant comprised of mostly hydrogen and helium, but it has traces of many expensive gases. These are mined out by the Ayr Mine, a research and mining station owned by the Concord of Mutual Disdain. The "surface" of Hela IV is owned by The Krahun Theocratic Council, the government of the Krahun people. They give mining rights to the Concord in trade for the Concord providing Vox Boxes and NautSuits. Most of the surface of Hela IV is fairly uniform in makeup, with a small handful of storms constantly moving across the surface. These are avoided by the native Krahun.

Notable Locations

Due to lack of real surface, and high speed of winds, no structures exist on Hela IV. Therefore, all notable locations exist on the orbiting bodies, of which there is a small ring along with 67 moons.

Ayr Mine

A mining and research station owned by the Concord of Mutual Disdain.

The Krahun Diplomatic and Training Forum

A small building placed on the moon designated Hela IV-XXI (referred to by the Krahun to Waystation), and legally the only building that belongs the Krahun Theocratic Council. It acts as a place for official diplomatic communication to happen between Krahun and other sector powers, along with a place for Krahun to train in the usage of NautSuits.