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Hex 0807
First Planet Helocytus

The Thuces System is located in Hex 0807 in Beacon Space.

Notable Planets[edit]

The planet Helocytus, home of the Children of the Vein, is located in the Thuces System.

Other points of interest[edit]

The locations below orbit or are located on the planet Helocytus in the Thuces System.

Tarakan 1 - Orbital Ruin[edit]

Occupied by: Robots of dubious sentience

Situation: Trying to stop it awakening

Izendy 8 - Space Station[edit]

Occupied by: Eccentric oligarchs and minions

Situation: Systems breaking down

Argo 9 - Research Base[edit]

Occupied by: Scientists from a major local corp

Situation: Selling black-market tech

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