Zavechech Industries Incorporated

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Zavechech Industries Incorporated
Motto "Innovation Scripted"
Homeworld Mos
System Gograpatk


Founded 22 years ago, Zavechech Industries emerged from a small, specialized family workshop that initially catered to a niche market of arcane researchers and adventurers. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading manufacturer and supplier of enchanted goods, arms, and armor, catering to both private and government contracts.

Organizational Structure

The Zavechech Family and Their Roles

Chairman & CEO - Viktor Zavechech

Age: 68

Appearance: Distinguished, with salt-and-pepper hair and deep-set, insightful eyes. He carries an air of authority and experience.

Background: A visionary who transformed a small family workshop into a cutting-edge Bleed manufacturer. Known for his strategic acumen and deep understanding of both the Bleed and business realms.

Role: Oversees the company's vision and strategic direction, acting as the moral and professional compass for the business.

Chief RuneSmith - Elina Zavechech

Age: 45

Appearance: Sharp features, intense gaze, often seen wearing elaborate runic jewelry. She carries a presence of intelligence and intensity.

Background: A prodigy in Technomancy, Elina is responsible for many of the company's groundbreaking enchantments.

Role: Leads the team of RuneSmiths, innovating new runes and pushing the boundaries of Bleed technology.

Head of Operations - Dmitri Zavechech

Age: 50

Appearance: Broad-shouldered, with a pragmatic and steady demeanor. He has a commanding presence and is always meticulously dressed.

Background: Known for his operational expertise and efficiency, Dmitri ensures the smooth functioning of the company across all departments.

Role: Manages day-to-day operations, ensuring high standards of production, research, and sales.

Director of R&D - Anastasia Zavechech

Age: 32

Appearance: Youthful, with an innovative spark in her eyes. She often wears modern, tech-enhanced clothing.

Background: A rising star in the company, Anastasia represents the bridge between the old and the new, combining traditional Bleed knowledge with modern technology.

Role: Drives the research and development efforts, constantly seeking new technological and Bleed advancements.

Head of Relations - Ilya Zavechech

Age: 38

Appearance: Charismatic, with a friendly smile and approachable demeanor. Known for his persuasive communication style.

Background: With a knack for public speaking and a deep understanding of market trends, Ilya has successfully positioned Zavechech Industries in the sector market.

Role: Manages the company's image, public relations, and marketing strategies.

Chief Bleed Augur - Natalia Zavechech

Age: 42

Appearance: Elegant, with an aura of wisdom beyond her years. She often wears traditional attire, signifying her respect for her Mosian heritage.

Background: A respected figure in both the Bleed and business communities, Natalia bridges the gap between Zavechech Industries and various organizations tied to the Bleed.

Role: Ensures that the company respects Bleed traditions and maintains strong ties with the broader Bleed community.

Corporate Culture

The Zavechech family imbues the company with a sense of heritage, pride, and responsibility.

There's a strong emphasis on loyalty, tradition, and the pursuit of excellence.

Despite the hierarchical structure, there's a sense of familial warmth and closeness among the employees, fostering a unique corporate culture that values each member's contributions.

Legacy and Future

Zavechech Industries, under the leadership of the Zavechech family, not only stands as a testament to their legacy in the realm of Bleed tech, but also represents their vision for the future where Bleed and technology coalesce seamlessly.

The family is deeply involved in training and mentoring the next generation, ensuring that their values, skills, and knowledge are passed down and preserved.

Zarovan Capacity (ZC)

The Zarovan Capacity (ZC), discovered by the Zavechech family, is the standard unit of measurement used to determine the maximum amount of Bleed energy an item can safely contain and channel. It quantifies the potential of an item to be enchanted, taking into account both the material composition and the design intricacies.

Calculation: The ZC value of an item is determined by its material properties, size, and the complexity of the rune network it can support. Items made from materials with higher Bleed affinity, like certain rare metals or mystical crystals, have higher ZC values.

Where: ZC is the Zarovan Capacity. MA stands for Material Affinity, a numerical value representing the material's inherent ability to hold magical energy. CE represents Complexity of Enchantment, quantifying the complexity and power of the intended enchantment. V is the Volume of the item, considering that larger items might have a higher capacity for holding enchantments.

This formula suggests that the Zavechech Capacity of an item depends on the material's affinity for magic and the complexity of the enchantment, inversely proportional to the item's size. Higher material affinity and more complex enchantments increase the ZC, while larger items might have a diluted effect due to their size.

Limitations: Every item has a maximum ZC rating. Exceeding this capacity can lead to unstable enchantments, potential backfires, destruction of the item, or even death of the user.

Customization: The ZC system allows customers to understand and choose the extent of enchantments an item can safely hold, facilitating a degree of personalization in the enchantment process.

Professional Assessment: Determining an item's ZC requires expertise in both the Bleed and material sciences, a service that Zavechech Industries provides as part of their process.

Resonant Universal Nexus Enchantment


Functioning of RUNEs

Each rune functions similarly to a transistor in electronics, but instead of electricity, it channels and modulates the Bleed. When an item embedded with a rune is used, the rune activates, manipulating the Bleed to produce a specific effect based on its design and the motion of the Bleed. As the Bleed flows through the rune, it carries with it two things; information and energy. This flow is intricately controlled by the rune's design, determining how the Bleed's energy is utilized – whether for offensive, defensive, or utility purposes. Runes can be activated either passively, by the mere presence of the Bleed (ala a Lense attuned to the Rune), or actively, requiring specific actions or conditions (like a command or gesture).

Creation of RUNEs

RuneSmiths: The creation of runes is the domain of highly skilled technomancers, known as RuneSmiths. These individuals possess deep knowledge of both Bleed theory and technological principles, allowing them to craft runes that effectively integrate the two. The process begins with the design of the rune, which is a complex task requiring knowledge of the Bleed, and the intended function of the rune. This design dictates how the Bleed will flow and thus, be modulated.

Choosing the right material for inscribing the rune is crucial. The material must be conducive to both Bleed and technological integration, often involving rare or specially treated metals that are commonly suffused in the Bleed. RuneSmiths then enchant these materials, embedding them with specific properties. This step often involves intricate rituals and the use of advanced technological and technomagical tools to ensure precision.

Once created, runes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they function as intended. Calibration may involve adjusting the Bleed flow, refining the design, or even re-encoding certain aspects of the rune. The final step involves integrating the rune into the desired product. This step requires careful consideration of how the rune will interact with the product's other components and functionalities.

Current Runic Alphabet

Below is the current runic alphabet that Zavechech Industries has deemed stable enough to bring to market. Research is constantly ongoing attempting to add new RUNEs to the alphabet.

Telekinesis Rune (T-Rune)

Enhances the wielder's ability to manipulate objects from a distance.
Increased precision and control in moving objects, effective for disarmament or repositioning items in combat.
Resembles a spiraling vortex with angular, interlocking lines, symbolizing movement and control over physical objects.

Gravity Rune (G-Rune)

Alters gravitational forces around the enchanted item.
Can be used to increase or decrease weight, beneficial for mobility or creating localized gravitational fields to disorient opponents.
Depicts two concentric circles with radiating lines between them, representing the forces of attraction and repulsion.

Biomancy Rune (B-Rune)

Infuses life energy into the item.
Accelerates healing, enhances physical capabilities, or can be used to create restorative fields around the wearer.
A stylized tree with roots and branches intertwining in a circular pattern, signifying life and growth.

Entropy Rune (E-Rune)

Focuses on decay and degradation.
Weakens enemy armor or structures, accelerates wear and tear on enemy equipment, or can induce rust and erosion.
Illustrates an hourglass with crumbling edges, embodying decay and the passage of time.

Technomancy Rune (Tek-Rune)

Enhances interaction with technology.
Enables control over machinery, hacking capabilities, and the ability to interface with various tech systems seamlessly.
Shows a geometric pattern combining a gear and a crystal lattice, indicating the fusion of technology and Bleed.

Metamancy Rune (M-Rune)

Reinforces the properties of the enchanted item against Bleed usage.
Enables a user to more safely engage with Lenses or to protect themselves or their data from Bleed effects.
A broken chain, symbolizing the disruption and nullification of other Bleed forces.

Shielding Rune (S-Rune)

Derived from a combination of Gravity and Metamancy.

Enhances defensive capabilities, creating barriers or reinforcing armor against physical and Bleed attacks.
A shield-like figure with a core resembling an eye, indicating defense and vigilance.

Invisibility Rune (I-Rune)

Derived from a blend of Telekinesis and Metamancy.

Provides stealth capabilities by bending light or obscuring the wearer from Bleed detection.
An eye with a series of fading, ghostly waves emanating from it, signifying concealment and elusiveness.

Enhancement Rune (Enh-Rune)

Derived from a fusion of Biomancy and Technomancy.

Augments physical abilities or technological interactions, enhancing strength, speed, or computational capabilities.
A human figure entwined with vines, showing the enhancement of both physical and technological prowess.

Disruption Rune (D-Rune)

Derived from a mix of Metamancy, Entropy, and Technomancy.

Focuses on disabling or countering Bleed abilities, decomposing bleed effects or computation code.
Jagged lines intersecting a circle, conveying the idea of interrupting and breaking through barriers.

Kinetic Rune (K-Rune)

Derived from a combination of Telekinesis and Gravity.

Manipulates kinetic energy to enhance movement, force projection, or create shockwaves.
Arrows in a dynamic, circular motion, symbolizing energy and force being harnessed and directed.

Restoration Rune (R-Rune)

Derived from a blend of Biomancy and a subtle application of Entropy.

Accelerates healing by carefully balancing growth and decay at a cellular level.
A phoenix in a circular emblem, representing rejuvenation and the cyclical nature of life and healing.

Illusion Rune (Ill-Rune)

Derived from a fusion of Telekinesis and subtle Biomancy.

Creates visual and sensory illusions, deceiving opponents or concealing movements.
A pair of mirrored faces with a misty, ethereal quality, representing the art of illusion and deception.

Key Products

Armor and Clothing Line

Consumer-Level Armor (Zephyr Series)
Lightweight, flexible armor suitable for everyday use or low-risk environments. Offers basic protection against physical harm and minor Bleed threats.
Specialized Armor (Aegis Series)
Heavier, more robust armor designed for high-risk scenarios. Features advanced runic enchantments for superior defense against both physical and Bleed attacks.
Enchanted Clothing (VeilWear Collection)
Stylish, everyday wear imbued with subtle enchantments for comfort, protection, or minor utility purposes, like temperature regulation or self-cleaning.


Visual Style

A seamless blend of traditional armor design with modern, minimalist touches. The armor plates are smooth with fluid, ergonomic lines, offering a futuristic yet rugged look.

Color Palette

Predominantly dark hues like charcoal, navy, or deep greens, accented with silver linings or runic inscriptions that glow faintly when activated.


Lightweight yet durable composites, resembling finely crafted leather or polished metal, giving a nod to Western motifs.

VeilWear Collection

Visual Style

Stylish and understated, suitable for everyday wear. The clothing incorporates subtle runic patterns, visible only upon close inspection.

Color Palette

Earthy tones mixed with occasional bold colors, each piece accented with silver threads that catch the light and emphasize the runic designs.


High-quality fabrics that balance comfort and durability, featuring hidden reinforcements for added protection.


Consumer Weapons (Guardian Line)
Basic self-defense weapons such as stun wands and runic blades, suitable for personal safety.
Specialized Weapons (Warlock Arsenal)
Advanced weapons for combat professionals, including runic-enhanced firearms and enchanted melee weapons with customizable effects.
Elite Weapons (Sovereign Series)
High-end, powerful weapons with complex enchantments, tailored for specific missions or elite operatives.


Visual Style

A perfect fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modern design. Weapons feature sleek lines, ergonomic grips, and a balanced appearance that feels both timeless and advanced.

Color Palette

Dark matte finishes contrasted with silver accents, especially on the runes and intricate engravings.


High-grade steel or advanced alloys for blades, and composite materials for firearm bodies, all finished to a high polish or a non-reflective matte for tactical purposes.

Gadgets and Tech

Enchanted Communicators (WisperComm)
Personal communication devices with secure channels, enhanced with runic encryption.
Runic Personal Computers (RunePC)
High-performance computing devices enhanced with technomancy for increased processing power and Bleed interface capabilities.
Augmented Reality Glasses (MysticSight)
AR glasses that not only provide digital overlays but also reveal Bleed auras, enchantments, and other hidden Bleed elements in the environment.


Visual Style

State-of-the-art technology with a sleek, minimalist design. Gadgets are compact, with clean lines and smooth surfaces.

Color Palette

Predominantly black or dark gray, with silver accents highlighting buttons, edges, and runic inscriptions.


Lightweight, durable materials with a premium feel, featuring touch-sensitive surfaces and holographic interfaces.

Each product line offers a range of options, from more affordable, basic items to high-end, heavily customized pieces. The enchantment process allows for significant personalization, ensuring that each item is perfectly suited to the needs and preferences of the customer.