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Industry Food
Products Snack Foods
Status Active
Place of Origin Dynae
Area Served Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai

Zārol! is a processed ship’s ration and meal-substitute from Dynae. It is a bite-sized pocket of flavoured sauce enveloped by a shortcrust pastry. They are a common vending machine snack found across the Rangi. Zārol! and products like it are found across the sector under localized names.

Traditional Dynaean Zārol! use whale blubber as shortening. It is customary for Whai to add an extra helping of whale grease to ready-made Zārol!

As a ship-stable product, Zārol! are incredibly long-lasting with hyperbolic marketing proclaiming that they could last a million years in ambient conditions. However, specific precautions must be made to render them edible: following the instructions on the packaging, Zārol! must be heated to an internal temperature of 95°C (200°F) for at least 30 seconds inside the accompanying self-heating pouches. Failure to do so will result in granite-like pastry that is known to break unsuspecting teeth and limited nutritional value.

Common Varieties

ranked by popularity and availability

  • Garlic Blubber
  • Peppy Pepperoni
  • Lava Tomato
  • Anchovy Pâté
  • Crunchy Crickets
  • Ham and Pineapple
  • Cheezy Cheese
  • Green Machine
  • Caramel Rum Raisin