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Vortiscia Ice

This celestial gem of frozen water is unlike any other form of ice found in the galaxy. It is the result of Djedefre-Khonsu's entropic atmosphere interacting with the planet's native ice, purging it of all impurities at a molecular level. This process leaves behind a form of ice that is incredibly dense yet remarkably transparent, its crystalline lattice perfectly arranged due to the entropic "cleansing."

Visually, Vortiscia ice glows with a soft, pale-green luminescence, an after-effect of the bleed energy it has been subjected to. When struck by light, the ice refracts it into dazzling prismatic arrays, a feature that adds to its allure and mystique. It is so transparent that it is often said you can read a book through a block of Vortiscia.

Due to its purity, Vortiscia ice melts at a significantly slower rate compared to conventional ice. This makes it highly sought after for long-range transportation, as it can survive the journey to distant worlds without sublimating away into nothingness.

In liquid form, Vortiscia offers unmatched purity and taste. Many claim that water from melted Vortiscia has subtle, rejuvenating properties, making it not just a resource but a luxury item for the affluent. Some even speculate that its entropic origins grant it slight medicinal qualities, though these claims are yet to be scientifically verified.

Vortiscia is not only a cornerstone of Djedefre-Khonsu's economy but also a symbol of the planet's resilience and beauty, a gift from a harsh and unforgiving world that has been refined by its brutal elements into something truly extraordinary.

Entrosculpting: The Art of Shaping Vortiscia

Tools and Equipment:

An Ankhsera Wand

Entrosculptors use a unique tool known as the "Ankhsera Wand," a scepter-like device infused with entropic crystals. These wands are often ornate, with intricate engravings and inscriptions detailing equations that focus and control the entropic energy within the wand.



The first step in Entrosculpting is the conceptualization of the form that the artist wishes to create. Detailed sketches are often made, but the final product is usually left to the spontaneous flow of energy during the process.


The artist calibrates the Ankhsera Wand, tuning its entropic fields to resonate with the latent energies in the Vortiscia ice. This usually involves a series of complex gestures and incantations, refined over generations.

Energetic Connection:

The sculptor taps the wand gently on the ice block to establish an energetic connection. The wand begins to glow softly, mirroring the luminescence of the Vortiscia ice.

Entropy Manipulation:

Once a connection is established, the artist uses the wand to manipulate the entropic energies still latent within the Vortiscia. Skilled sculptors can weave these energies like threads, drawing them out and redistributing them in patterns across the ice. This causes localized melting and freezing, allowing the artist to shape the ice as if molding clay.

Fine Detailing:

For intricate details, the wand is adjusted to a finer setting. This allows for microscopic control of the entropic energies, capable of producing detail at an almost cellular level.

A small sculpt of Vortiscian Ice from a novice artist


After the sculpture is completed, the wand is used to "seal" the manipulations by balancing the entropic energies within the Vortiscia. This ensures the artwork remains stable and doesn’t sublimate or decay.

Artistic Implications:

Entrosculpted pieces are more than just visual art; they are also considered to be spiritual or energetic imprints. The entropic energies left within the ice are thought to capture the emotions and intent of the sculptor, making each piece a deeply personal creation.

Entrosculpting is not just an artistic endeavor but a profound form of expression on Djedefre-Khonsu, capturing the essence of the planet's harsh yet beautifully refined nature. These works often command high prices and are sought after by collectors and aesthetes both on and off the planet.

Supposed Health Benefits of Vortiscia

Eternal Youth:

Some say that consuming Vortiscia regularly will halt the aging process and bestow eternal youth upon the drinker.

Bleed Abilities:

There are claims that melted Vortiscia can unlock dormant Bleed abilities, transforming an ordinary person into a lense.

Telepathic Communication:

A few individuals swear that drinking Vortiscia allows them to communicate telepathically with others who have also consumed it.

Immunity Boost:

Stories circulate that Vortiscia can make one invincible to diseases, curses, and even emotional distress.

Lucid Dreaming:

There are testimonials claiming that Vortiscia enhances dream recall and even facilitates lucid dreaming experiences.

Spiritual Ascendancy:

Some spiritual sects argue that Vortiscia facilitates the connection between the physical body and the spirit.

Cosmic Understanding:

A handful of mystics suggest that Vortiscia imbues the drinker with a deep understanding of the cosmos, offering glimpses into the secrets of the universe.

Supercharge Libido:

Dubbed a "Divine Aphrodisiac," some swear that Vortiscia provides an unparalleled boost in libido. The claim has even led to the coining of a term, "Vortiscian Vigor," peddled as a natural, mystical alternative to pharmaceutical libido enhancers.


"Darlings, I've had the divine pleasure of sipping—no, experiencing—the elixir that is Vortiscia. My palate has traveled from the rarefied vineyards of Sihi to the spice-laden oceans of Kardakouk, but never have I encountered something so enigmatically refreshing. It's like a symphony of purity in liquid form, each sip like a tiny hug to your taste buds, a gentle caress to your soul. There's an underlying note of crystalline sweetness, a whisper of otherworldly nectar, that simply transcends the banality of everyday hydration. If water is life, then Vortiscia is eternal life. A sip is a journey, a glass is an odyssey. My dears, you haven't truly lived until you've had a taste of this transcendentally exquisite ice. Ciao for now!"

- Anastasie LeChicov, Premiere Food Reviewer