From Beacon Space

A baked or fried snack food made from Eridane Vesterley a marine arthropod native to Idarast.

Tri-lo-bites are one of the most common snack foods in the Assembled Commonwealth and are present throughout Beacon space, usually sold by Commonwealth merchants and partners. Exclusively made by the Vester-Lomaz Guild

Tri-lo-bites have an average size range of 3 to 6 cm and are bred in large saltwater aquariums. When harvested the natural moulting process is induced by the introduction of a hormone into the Trilobites aquarium. This causes the exoskeleton to shed and leave behind only the soft tissue.

They are then dried for several days and then baked or fried until crunchy. Basic versions are lightly salted but flavours have expanded massively over the years. The most popular flavour on Idarast is Lime and chilli chicken.