The Tones

From Beacon Space
The Tones
Genre Experimental
Created By Roan and Rhys (allegedly)
Theme Music The Tones
Composer Trio of Pulsars
Place of Origin 1109
Release Date 53YA
End Date Ongoing

The Tones refers to an ongoing audio broadcast featuring audio and video derived from the signals of three pulsars, recorded by a signal buoy in 1109. Roan & Rhys, the pair who have claimed to originate the broadcast, claim that they discovered a point of confluence where the overlapping signals from the constituent pulsars closely approximated the data that would make up an audio stream. As an experiment they piped the data onto the net, coupled with algorithmically generated images to provider visual filler.

Those who first hear of the Tones often assume it consists of deep bassy sounds, but the actual program consists of a range stretching widely across the auditory spectrum of multiple species. Listeners from disparate cultures are often able to pick out the telltale signs of familiar instruments, guitars, flutes, waterhorns, cialos, some segments even sounding astoundingly close to spoken language.

Notable Events

Timestamp Duration Name Summary
492265.569 3d17h48m11s The Blackout A still unexplained outage of the Tones coverage. Originally suspected to be a technical issue with the signal buoy, diagnostics were unable to detect an issue or make any repair prior to the stream reactivating spontaneously. Current speculation, based on data derived from other recording sources, is that the combined signals acted upon eachother in destructive interference, minimizing or even entirely eliminating the signal for a sustained period, despite the supposed rarity of such an occurrence.
670791.211 33s The Prophecy Around a half minute segment of the tones that an unknown online user, now termed "The First Listener", claimed was a warning in an ancient language that predicted disaster on Gome. A week later, a small collapse claimed the lives of several miners. Since then, Listener Cults have regularly tuned into the Tones, seeking further prophecies, making up at least a third of its regular viewership.
781156.428 6m53s Starlight Serenade A sample taken as the backing track for the hit single Starlight Serenade from the singer Yenn. The sample is subject to a legal dispute between Roan & Rhys and Yenn, the former claiming that its inclusion in Starlight Serenade is a violation of their broadcasting rights, and the singer Yenn's counterargument that the signal itself is derived from natural phenomena that the pair have no claim to.