The Barochenstein

From Beacon Space

The Barochenstein was (or is) a light cruiser of the defunct kanaka-class. Due to the nature of this vessel all facts in this article are speculative and may be considered to be prefixed with 'allegedly'. Designed as a heavy scout and destroyer support, this class of ship was designed many years ago for conflicts that are near long-forgotten. It carries sixteen main guns and has four large ion-fusion sublight drives with no on-board FTL capability. The Barochenstein was reported as missing presumed destroyed with all hands lost in the year 660 TSYAB. Only a few years after the first known human wave arrived in the sector. If this is a coincidence is unknown.

The Barochenstein was first re-sighted after it's loss by an Assembled Commonwealth chartered trader "ACMS Fjordist" travelling through the sector west. It approached the merchant vessel at high sub-light speed with weapons live. Despite repeated hails there was no response, and the Fjordist performed a high speed gravitic turn to avoid the attempted ramming. Later, the Barochenstein was observed on long range lateral sensor array by a deep space research center in 0609 / Teuthem. Since these somewhat semi-confirmed sightings there have been a slew of other reports. Both combat and merchant vessels reporting a "ghost ship" approaching them directly at high speed.