The Aegis

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The Aegis: Panoply of War

The Aegis is a cutting-edge piece of technology designed and created in conjunction with the Aionian Phalanx project. Supreme Stratarch Tiberion Vex placed a young and eager genius from the Lyceum named Alexandra Calixenor in charge of the Aegis project, codenamed Impaylo Storm. After nearly a year of limitless resources being thrown at the project, the Aegis was finally finished and the first suits were fitted for active combat operations. In the aftermath, Tiberion Vex named Alexandra Calixenor Hephaeston and placed her at the head of innovation for the Aionian Project.

Early concept illustration of The Aegis by Alexandra Calixnor

Executive Summary: Project Impaylo Storm - Completion Report

To Supreme Stratarch Tiberion Vex,

Project Impaylo Storm has achieved its culmination, heralding a new era in warfare technology for the Epistratum. The Aegis, our first advancement in power armor, has been successfully developed, tested, and deployed, marking a significant leap forward in our military capabilities. This armor seamlessly integrates advanced kinetic energy harnessing, neuro-enhanced combat systems, and quantum stealth technologies, drawing inspiration from the ancient myths of speed, warfare, and cunning.

The Aegis has demonstrated unparalleled success in field trials, showcasing its ability to amplify the wearer's speed, agility, and combat effectiveness exponentially. The Tempest Core and Gale Greaves have redefined mobility on the battlefield, allowing for rapid engagement and disengagement tactics previously thought impossible to non-aerial combatants. Meanwhile, the Helm of Valor and the Athaneayan Pyre missile system have turned our warriors into formidable adversaries, capable of delivering devastatingly precise and quick strikes. The integration of The Shroud technology has also provided a significant strategic advantage, rendering our forces virtually undetectable until the moment of strike.

In summary, Project Impaylo Storm has not only met but exceeded our objectives, delivering a panoply of war that stands as a testament to the ingenuity of Ascent and the spirit of the Epistratum. The Aegis is poised to redefine the landscape of our military might, ensuring our dominance and the propagation of our ideals across Beacon Space.


Alexandra Calixenor,

Project Lead, Impaylo Storm


The Aegis represents the pinnacle of Ikarian martial engineering mixed with Epistratum wisdom, a suit of power armor that fuses advanced technology to supplement already well-trained special operations forces. Designed for speed, flexibility, and offensive versatility, it empowers its wearers to strike with the ferocity and swiftness of a myth.

It was designed and created in eight different systems, each requiring different solutions to the myriad problems that were presented in development. These eight systems are; the Tempest Core, the Helm of Valor, the Greaves, the Gauntlets, the Shroud, the Weave, the Shield, and the Athaneayan Pyre.

Tempest Core

At the heart of the Aegis is the Tempest Core, a sophisticated power system that harnesses kinetic energy from the wearer's movements to generate electricity. This not only powers the suit but also allows the wearer to unleash controlled bursts of lightning. The armor's surface is lined with conductive filaments that absorb energy from impacts, converting them into additional power for the suit.

Quote from - Project Log XIV

“The Tempest Core, a bold synthesis of zeptotechnology and electrodynamic flux theory. By leveraging the principles of quantum tunneling, we've engineered a system that captures the kinetic vibrancy of motion at the subatomic level, transmuting it into a high-yield electrical reservoir. This process, akin to bottling the fury of a storm, not only powers the suit but equips the wearer with the ability to project electrostatic discharges with pinpoint accuracy. It's an endeavor that borders on the manipulation of fundamental forces, challenging the very principles of electromagnetism.”
A prototype Helm of Valor created during Project Impaylo

Helm of Valor

The helmet provides enhanced situational awareness and targeting systems. It also boosts the wearer's morale and combat efficacy through neuro-stimulation, tapping into the primal warrior spirit. The visor integrates advanced optics, including thermal and night vision, and an intuitive heads-up display that tracks friendlies and identifies threats through an innovative ident system.

Quote from - Project Log XXXII

"The helm, an amalgamation of psychotronic warfare algorithms and synaptic interface technology, becomes a crucible where thought and action converge at the speed of light. Enhanced by a lattice of neuron-mimetic circuits, it taps into the wearer’s cognitive domain, augmenting their combat instincts with a vast database of tactical heuristics. The visor, a masterpiece of photonic crystal engineering, deciphers the electromagnetic spectrum, rendering the invisible visible and translating vast data streams into an intuitive augmented reality overlay. This is the art of war redefined, where the mind's eye sees all, and the warrior's hand strikes with the certainty of divine intervention."


The leg armor incorporates lightweight materials and propulsion systems to dramatically increase speed and maneuverability. These greaves allow Ikarians to perform rapid, lightning-fast maneuvers on the battlefield, outflanking enemies with ease. The soles are equipped with energy absorbers, converting impacts into additional kinetic energy for short bursts of incredible speed. In addition, energy may be used to perform jumps and leaps that would otherwise be deemed impossible.

Quote from - Project Log LVIII

"The greaves, imbued with an array of vectored propulsion units and kinetic energy harvesters, defy conventional physics, offering a glimpse into a future where motion is unbound by inertia. Utilizing a complex algorithm of predictive locomotion modeling, they anticipate the wearer's intent, translating thought into action with an efficiency that blurs the line between movement and teleportation. The energy harvesting technology, based on the piezoelectric effect at a nanoscale, transforms every contact with the ground into additional propulsive force, embodying the perpetual motion of the cosmos itself."


These gauntlets can channel the suit's built-up electrical energy into devastating arcs of lightning or direct it into a concentrated bolt. Additionally, the gauntlets can deliver electrified melee attacks or create an electromagnetic pulse to disable enemy electronics.

The Shroud

The Aegis features a cloaking field known as The Shroud. This advanced stealth system can bend light around the wearer, rendering them nearly invisible to the naked eye and minimally detectable to sensors for short durations. The cloak's effectiveness is directly tied to the suit's kinetic energy reserves, encouraging continuous movement to maintain stealth capabilities. Additionally, the Shroud cools the suit's thermal signature, blending it with the ambient temperature to thwart thermal detection. Enhancing the Gale Greaves, The Shroud incorporates sound-dampening technology. This system minimizes the noise generated by the wearer's movements, allowing for silent operation during reconnaissance or stealth engagements. The technology extends to the entire suit, ensuring that all actions—from the shifting of armor plates to the hum of the suit's power core—are muffled.

Quote from - Project Log LXXI

"Adopting principles from metamaterial science and electromagnetic phase modulation, The Shroud cloaks the wearer in a field that bends light and radar around them, a feat of optical and quantum camouflage. This adaptive cloak not only masks the wearer from visual detection but also scrambles electronic surveillance, making them a phantom on the battlefield. The integration of a thermoelectric cooling lattice ensures that even the suit's heat signature is absorbed and reradiated at ambient temperatures, a masterstroke in stealth technology."

The Weave

The suit's underlying fabric is a nanomaterial mesh that prioritizes flexibility and weight reduction, the weave offers adequate protection against ballistic and energy weapons. It's capable of self-repairing minor damages through nanites, ensuring the armor maintains its integrity during prolonged engagements.


Not a physical shield, but a defensive system.. It utilizes the suit's generated electricity to create a magnetic field around the wearer, deflecting some incoming projectiles and creating a buffer against explosive shockwaves.

Athaneayan Pyre

This miniaturized weapon is a shoulder-mounted weapon system that can adapt to various combat scenarios. It holds a magazine of 12 miniaturized missiles, each designed for rapid deployment and precision targeting. The system's sleek design ensures that the additional weight is negligible, maintaining the armor's emphasis on speed and maneuverability. The missiles are all slaved to the Helm of Valor, allowing the wearer precise control over their ordnance.

Quote from - Project Log XLVI

"This shoulder-mounted armament, utilizing micro-fabricated missile bays, employs a swarm logic algorithm allowing for autonomous target acquisition and engagement. Each missile, a marvel of miniaturization, is equipped with variable yield warheads capable of quantum-state detonation patterns, providing a spectrum of destructive capabilities from electromagnetic pulse suppression to subatomic disassembly."

Missile Variants

Concept art of the Hydra Missile mechanics.
Chimera Missile

A missile that splits into three separate warheads shortly after being launched. Each warhead unleashes a set effect upon detonation. One head releases a napalm-like firestorm, the second discharges a toxic gas cloud, and the third emits a concussive blast wave.

Perfect for area denial and versatile engagements, the Chimera Missile can adapt its effect based on the tactical needs of the moment, sowing chaos among enemy ranks.
Hydra Missile

Shortly after this missile is launched, it splits into dozens of smaller warheads. Once any of these smaller warheads strikes a target or is intercepted, it fragments into multiple smaller guided missiles that seek out additional targets. If any of these secondary missiles are destroyed before impact, they each fragment into two more tertiary missiles.

Exceptional for overwhelming enemy defenses and ensuring damage through redundancy. The Hydra Missile embodies relentless assault and is ideal against groups of targets or to saturate air defenses.
Harpy Missile

Engineered for unmatched speed and agility, the Harpy Missile can perform high-velocity, evasive maneuvers en route to its target. Its guidance system is designed for precision strikes against fast-moving or evading targets.

Its primary role is intercepting airborne targets or striking high-value assets that require a fast-moving projectile to bypass defenses. The Harpy Missile is the epitome of swift retribution.
Medusa Missile

This missile specializes in electronic warfare, emitting a powerful EMP blast upon detonation that can disable electronics and blind sensors within a significant radius, rendering enemy units inert and vulnerable.

Ideal for the initial phase of an engagement to cripple enemy capabilities, the Medusa Missile paves the way for a decisive strike by nullifying technological advantages temporarily.
Minotaur Missile

The Minotaur Missile is designed for deep penetration, capable of boring through heavy armor or fortified structures before detonating. It combines raw kinetic force with a delayed explosion to maximize internal damage.

Suited for breaching the toughest defenses, the Minotaur Missile is the answer to heavily armored targets or bunkered enemies, ensuring destruction from the inside out.
Dragon Missile

The Dragon Missile unleashes a devastating barrage upon detonation, scattering white phosphorus particles over a wide area. White phosphorus ignites upon exposure to air, producing intense heat and thick, white smoke. The burning phosphorus sticks to surfaces (including skin) and burns fiercely until it is completely consumed or deprived of oxygen.

Perfect for both area denial, as well as marking targets of import, the Dragon Missile is only rarely used on live targets. When it is, it is primarily intended to cause a detriment to enemy morale by witnessing the devastating effects of the white phosphorus.