Robo Racing Finals 873

From Beacon Space

The Robo Racing Pro-League finals of the year TSYAB 873 are infamously remembered thanks to the disasterous events that they would go on to encapsulate. The Grand Prix for this year's final were held in an experimental course in close orbit of the star in 0810 / Ledro. Utilising advanced technology from the now defunct StarShine Shield LLC, shields provided by SSSLLC protected the facility as it came closer and closer to the surface of the star. Due to an unforseen buildup of emissions the atmospheric filtering system failed, asphyxiating or disabling all in attendence.It is estimated the last survivor lost consciousness two days after atmosphere failure. Due to the loss of the shield technology used and political dispute over jurisdiction and ownership the facility has not been recovered and is perfectly preserved in close orbit to the star. Using advanced optical equipment the status of the event as it was when the accident occured can be observed.

Timeline of Events

14 Hours Before Atmospheric Collapse

Race course, main station, and spectator pods were lowered from a safe high orbit to low surface drift.

12 Hours Before Atmospheric Collapse

An irregularity in nitrogen cycling is noted by a minor maintenance engineer who dismisses it as routine

8 hours before Atmospheric Collapse

The racing teams begin preparing their pit environments and making final adjustments to the race vehicles

4 hours before Atmospheric Collapse

The Drivers arrive in the pitlane, are assembled for the typical safety briefing. Spectators allowed to move from main station to the spectator pods

2 hours before Atmospheric Collapse

Head Engineer Albiert Tallasian notes that 16% of filtration systems have been disabled by an escalating issue in nitrogen cycling.

Atmospheric Collapse

"Racers... Start your engines!" Turn out to be the fatal words as the immediate builtup of toxic gasses cause the atmospheric system to collapse and cease filtering atmosphere

Two Days Post Atmospheric Collapse

Speculation: The last survivor loses consciousness.