Republican National Guard of Mos

From Beacon Space

The Republic of Mos does not retain the same organization of armed forces that may be seen in several other parts of beaconspace. The Republican National Guard represents the armed wing of the government and it is organized underneath the Mos Ministry of Defense (MMoD). Within specific exceptions, the domains of the guard are primarily; organizing and training militia, preparing defenses out in the frontier, making weapon and armor acquisitions for militia groups, recruiting from the best performing members of available Militia Forces, and forming new regiments when greater mobilization is required.

While it may be presumably clear that the guard is readily capable of policing, the constitution of the Republic makes any formation that isn’t acting under direct authority from Parliament (delegated through the MMoD) to report to the highest policing authority responsible for the jurisdiction to better manage balance of power. To delineate this process, Should the county mayor of a legally represented settlement or territory of the Republic feel there is sufficient cause to merit a military intervention, they would declare a state of emergency and request activation of the army to mitigate a perceived disaster. The Ministry of Defense would then allocate the regiment(s) it feels most apt to the declared disaster and the commander(s) would report to the county Sheriff, Chief Ranger, or similarly leading police official to assist them in managing the crises.

The Corps

Currently, The only standing formations are expeditionary forces mobilized by the government, the New Harmony Parliamentary Corps, the Air Corps, and the Armored Corps. The Parliamentary Corps The Parliamentary Guard is a small yet elite force that drills constantly to maintain readiness to act. Their duties are to protect the halls of government and to maintain the security of all representatives as they aim to achieve their duties. While they are primarily made of police and other military veterans, they recruit from all walks of life where one can meet the rigorous demands of capital defense.

The Air Corps

Similarly small yet elite as the Parliamentary Corps, The Air Guard operates a limited suite of light and specialized war dirigibles and is also capable of atmospheric and orbital combat. These forces are readily deployable as airborne and marine light infantry; however, they are limited in scale compared to military peers. They are also legally capable of commandeering and drafting both commercial and private airships with their existing crews during times of war.

The Armored Corps

Larger in scale compared to the other two Corps, the Armored Corps consists primarily of urban assault vehicles, deployable mechs, and mobile artillery. For the past two decades, they have been stockpiling mechs and mech-grade weaponry by contracted acquisition and retrofit of agricultural mechs. The corps has also been recruiting and organizing bellower racers into mechanized militia squads through funding and sponsoring events. In light of this efficiency in approach, Parliament has been debating whether to construct the first Bellower area in or near New Harmony as the first of its kind.

The Merchant Marines

While these forces do not report to the government in the military sense, the Merchant Marines represent a large portion of the trade going to and from Mos. These fleets, which consist of everything between up-gunned bulk freighters to lightly-armed cruisers, are a mix of old ships built during the Terraforming years in order to make further contact with Beacon Space and new, top of the line, spacecraft. Due to their more mercantile role, they are commonly forgotten in terms of the Mosian military, and sometimes confused with Air Corp. The primary difference, in terms of practical purposes, is that the Merchant Marines are traders and artisans first, soldiers and spacers second.