Order of the Nebula's Eye

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Order of the Nebula's Eye
Motto “The Unblinking Watch of the Nebula’s Eye"
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Leader Syr Thalorian Starcaster, The Cosmic Sentinel, Lord of Astralhaven
Homeworld Sihi

The Order of the Nebula’s Eye, also known as the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye, stands as a beacon of honor and chivalry in the fantastical realm of Sihi. Founded many centuries ago under the noble charge of the High King by Syr Galahad Stormrider, this illustrious knightly order has, throughout its storied existence, been instrumental in preserving peace, upholding justice, and safeguarding the cosmic harmony that binds the realm. With a reputation for valor and unwavering commitment, they have time and again stood against both external and internal threats, earning their place as champions of Sihi.


The order’s history extends for over a millennium and as such has many important and incredible periods and events. Here are a few of the most well-known.


During the war against the High King’s father, there were many times when strategy required the defense of an important stronghold while the bulk of the High King’s forces were needed in a separate offense. The most successful of his commanders in this role was Syr Galahad Stormrider, as a result of this he charged Syr Galahad with founding a new order with a focus on holding against sieges for extended periods without external support.

Absence During Dachia

During the Dachia Crisis, the Order of the Nebula’s Eye was contracted to the defense of an asteroid belt-spanning mining facility. As such they were on the other side of the sector during the major actions of the crisis.


At the heart of the Order's noble cause lies a singular mission: to ensure the safety and security of the denizens of the Starlit Court. This mission becomes even more critical during times of interstellar conflicts and cosmic threats. The Knights of the Nebula’s Eye take it upon themselves to defend Sihi from all external and internal forces that may seek to disrupt the delicate cosmic balance upon which the realm thrives.

Code of Chivalry

The Knights of the Nebula’s Eye are guided by an unyielding code of chivalry, which is the bedrock upon which their noble order stands. This code encompasses principles of unwavering honor, steadfast duty, unflinching courage, and selfless dedication. In every action, the knights strive to uphold these values, always striving to be the paragons of justice and fairness, regardless of the challenges they may face.


Leading this storied order is the Grandmaster, a figure of immense respect and skill chosen based on merit and exceptional service to the order. The Grandmaster's leadership ensures that the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye remain unwavering in their dedication to the protection of Sihi and the perpetuation of the order's core values.

Notable Knights

Throughout the annals of history, the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye have witnessed the rise of many exceptional individuals, whose heroic deeds and valor have set them apart. These notable knights have contributed significantly to the realm's safety and justice, leaving their own indelible marks on the tapestry of Sihi's history. Some of the most celebrated among them include:

Syr Alaric Dawnstrider

Renowned for his daring exploration of the cosmic realms and the discovery of ancient artifacts that have aided the Order in its cosmic endeavors.

Lady Seraphina Starshroud

A skilled diplomat and negotiator who has brokered peace treaties with neighboring realms, diffusing potential cosmic conflicts.

Syr Lorian Frostheart

A legendary defender whose unwavering courage during both the First and Second Sieges of Sihi helped prevent catastrophes, earning him the nickname "The Shield of Sihi."


The legacy of the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye extends far beyond their noble deeds. It weaves itself into the very fabric of Sihi's history and culture, celebrated through stories, songs, and epic tales. These legends continue to inspire the people of Sihi and all those who hear of their cosmic exploits. The Order of the Nebula’s Eye remains a shining testament to the enduring values of honor, courage, and cosmic harmony, and their legacy burns as brightly as the stars that grace the night sky of the Starlit Court.


The Astralhaven, the majestic flagship of the Order of the Nebula’s Eye, is a celestial marvel that embodies the order's commitment to cosmic protection and defense. This grand vessel is not merely a ship; it is a symbol of Sihi's strength and the unwavering resolve of the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye.

=Design and Appearance

The Astralhaven is an awe-inspiring fusion of art and function, its design akin to a celestial fortress gliding through the cosmic sea. Resplendent in its ethereal radiance, it is adorned with intricately carved motifs of constellations and cosmic phenomena, reflecting the knights' connection to the celestial realms they voyage in the defense of Sihi. The vessel boasts a towering central spire that resembles a celestial tower, topped with a crystalline dome that houses advanced navigation and observation equipment.

Size and Scale

The Astralhaven is a colossal vessel, large enough to accommodate hundreds of knights, their attendants, and the resources necessary for their interstellar missions. It spans over 300 feet in length and is nearly 100 feet wide, making it one of the most imposing celestial vessels to traverse the cosmic sea.

Armament and Defenses

The flagship's armament includes advanced energy cannons, which are not only formidable in their offensive capabilities but are also designed to protect against cosmic threats. The vessel has recently been equipped with energy shields that can withstand the harshest of celestial storms and ward off attacks from cosmic adversaries. These shields shimmer like the Aurora Borealis and are a sight to behold as they manifest in a brilliant display of colors.

Cosmic Engine

At the heart of the Astralhaven lies the enigmatic Cosmic Engine, a piece of technology said to be a gift from the fae themselves. This engine allows the flagship to traverse the cosmic sea at incredible speeds, ensuring the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye can swiftly respond to threats across the realm.

Crew and Facilities

The vessel is crewed by a dedicated team of knights, navigators, engineers, and healers, each highly trained and fully committed to the order's mission. The Astralhaven also houses state-of-the-art facilities, including cosmic observatories, a library of cosmic knowledge, training chambers, and medical bays, providing everything the knights need to fulfill their duties effectively.

Role and Symbolism

The Astralhaven is more than a ship; it's a symbol of hope and a physical embodiment of Sihi's commitment to cosmic harmony. Its presence is often a reassuring sight to the inhabitants of the Starlit Court, reminding them that the Knights of the Nebula’s Eye are ever vigilant in their duty to protect and preserve the realm's cosmic balance.