New Cinnabar

From Beacon Space

New Cinnabar
Government Assembled Commonwealth
System Lyn
Tech Level 4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Biosphere Engineered
Temperature Frozen
Planet Tag 1 Theocracy
Planet Tag 2 Tomb World
Mechanical Tag The controller of the Planetary Government immediately gains +2 to Wealth Asset Cap, and loses 1 from Cunning Asset Cap

Once much more densely populated, the majority of its population died during or shortly after the Glitch because of a particularly bad Gate malfunction, and centuries later it’s still trying to recover. Ruled by a corrupt priestly caste of a polytheistic religion which has a grip on planetary politics but no actual spiritual power, as most inhabitants (including the members of the clergy) realise it’s a sham, with gods being “rediscovered” and new doctrine “being revealed in dreams” to fit the needs of the political game. Has accepted to become part of the Assembled Commonwealth in exchange for help in rebuilding the planet, with the revelation that “Actually, the Aetharch has been the head of the pantheon all this time. Rejoice!”.



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