Larkspur Apparel

From Beacon Space

Textiles have long been a favored art and science of the Mos people and such can be attributed to the multivariate needs of their wear when faced with the challenges of the frontier. Specializations of magic and technology have led to fabrics of all kinds; E-textiles, heavily reinforced weaves, magical enhancements and enchantments, all of these bred from a long history of attempting to master both the fabrication and understanding of textiles throughout the history of the Mos people.

As with many aesthetic and cultural styles on Mos, apparel tends to be custom, tailored, and locally fashioned. Symbology and other imagery can be broadly applied, and, while perhaps Arcanist icons are common, the designs and descriptions here are meant to provide a more general overview of what patterns and projects can be commonly seen.

The following sections are a small presentation of the current trends around the planet and its peoples.

Urban Fashion

In the urbanite venues of Mos, people tend to have high amounts of e-textiles. Fashion trends include; many piece suits with varying uniformity, varieties of stylish dresses in Roaring 20’s Earth fashion, Vests, Dress Shirts, Waistcoats, and a large ubiquity of Jewelry and similar accessories.

Frontier Fashion

Out in the Frontier, trends lean towards more practical apparel but flair and style remain. E-textiles are present here as well but may not be as comprehensive compared to more urban wares. Common threads include; Dusters of various cloths, leathers, and other material, Suspenders, Old Western Cut Hats and Old West Dresses, Patterned and Detailed Vests, Dress shirts, Aprons, Long Blouses, and, usually, longer-than-urban skirts.

Industrial Fashion

While some in beaconspace may find working class apparel less than desirable, few such notions exist on Mos and e-textiles vary wildly within this sphere. While there are innumerable types of working apparel, the common ones that may be accepted with offers of food and drink for honest work can be; Boiler Suits, Welding gear, Powered mining and delving suits with lamps and respiration masks, Suspenders and duracloth workwear, and many more are found throughout all walks of Mos Life.


Among the varied jurisdictions it may be impossible to perfectly cover each uniform, or lack thereof, of the Mos Police; however, there are generally three categories of dress seen throughout with the greatest use of e-textiles to demonstrate things like badge, rank, and Jurisdiction. An urban officer often dresses similar to a full suit with a circular cap, flat top, and flat brim and white gloves. An example of one can be seen on the mannequin below.

In the outlying regions and more rural parts of the Republic, this shifts to much hardier wear to protect the officer from exposure and grant greater durability from reinforced fabrics. Double breasted coats with long sleeves. An example of such wear can be seen on the mannequin below.

The last set of apparel is often represented by the working lawmen and sheriffs of society who lack the organization, need, or resources to formalize so heavily. An understanding of their local town, a simple badge pinned to their duster, or a specific cap may be all that is present in some spaces of the planet. Such is most seen in the quieter or more agricultural places of mos, but the authority of such individuals is rarely in question to their constituents.


The Military wears more distinct uniforms and equipment, akin to the Union Army Uniforms in the American Civil war of 1861 with Periapt armor and respirators. Civilian versions of Periapt Protection Equipment (PPE) can appear alike to the wargear; however, they are vastly more indicative of their work type and trend to have less kinetic armor. Such examples of the civilian indications are firefighters gear, Delver’s Suits, and zero-gravity technicians.

A pair of examples for standard military uniforms and Periapt equipment can be seen below.


This section offers the many items that fall out of specific trends but are common across almost all of them. For example, formal hats can be seen throughout the swaths of life; therefore, it would be inaccurate to limit them to the fashion trend categories above. These many items that have been labeled Accessories can include different ties, hats, jewelry and otherwise and the list by no means is limited to its contents.

  • Ties
    • Scarf Ties
    • Bolo Ties
    • Traditional Ties
    • Bow Ties
    • Ascots
  • Scarves
  • Watches
  • Amulets
  • Pearls
  • Gemstones
  • Wide brimmed hats, often with pointed tips