Hedge Knights

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Hedge knights are independent knights on quests away from the command structure of the Starlit Court and the knightly orders. There are several kinds of Hedge knight, typically categorized by their current affiliation with the Court and the Knightly orders. Dispatched Hedge knights are knights who have been given special dispensation from their order to pursue independent action on an extended quest or series of quests. Commissioned hedge knights are knights who have been commissioned by the starlit court itself to undertake a quest, series of quests, or general independent action in the name of the court outside of the hierarchy of a knightly order. Independent Hedge knights are knights that have taken it upon themselves for personal reasons to pursue quests and adventure across the stars with limited logistical aid or restraints of the court and the knightly orders.

Dispatched Hedge Knights[edit]

Dispatched knights are individual knights operating independently on a quest or series of quests after having been given special permission to do so by their Grandmaster, the Council of Grandmasters, or the Castlean. Dispatched knights typically have been loaned or leased transportation and materials as part of their dispatch, which will be returned on completion of their quest or campaign. Dispatched knights typically return to operating within the bounds of their order after the quest they are dispatched on.

Commissioned Hedge Knights[edit]

Commissioned knights are individual knights operating independently, having been granted extended autonomy and independent operation for a quest or series of quests. These knights have direct control of their mech, transportation, and typically a small support team while completing their commissioned quest, and are typically granted a stipend or war chest to support themselves in completion of their quests. Commissioned knights will typically work on a single or series of quests for an extended period of time, but will eventually run through their commission and return to an order, or seek a new commission.

Independent Hedge Knights[edit]

Independent knights are individual knights operating independently on a semi-permanent basis. Independent hedge knights effectively act as orders unto themselves, paying for the maintenance and upkeep of their own mech, transportation, and support staff. Independent Knights typically begin as dispatched knights or commissioned knights who have earned the funds to continue operating completely independently of the orders, but maintain membership and allegiance with the starlit court. These knights are rare, and often only temporarily independent, using this status to pursue personal reasons, wealth, or glory. Many independent knights return to their original orders after completing their personal objectives, or having run through their supplies and funds.