From Beacon Space

A bright pink doughy ball around two inches in diameter. The outside is squishy and firm, the inside is soft and oozes into a liquid with the body warmth of the consumer. Marketed primarily at children, it is lightly sweet and sticky and stains skin a vivid pink for several hours. The packaging is Bright pink and green striped, featuring a smiling globulon mascot commonly called 'Oblob' but has no official name.


Globolob is created partially from the discarded matter of a natural process that happens to globulons every 5 months or so, wheirin their outer layer is shed as a pile of viscous goo. Taking this goo, treating it with a variety of food agents and preservatives, it becomes the main ingredient. Stored in a pressurised container kept at 4.6 Telas atmospheres (the preferred for Globulons), flour, milk, sugar, and flavourings are added to create the chewey gooey snack.


The brainchild of commodities trader Yeovin Gertrude Mottle and food factory magnate Grenf Borgo, Globolob came onto billboards fourteen years ago. Initially sold as a new kind of sponge (and it still does a very good job at cleaning hard surfaces such as starship control pannels) it was quickly discovered by curious travellers that it had a very satisfying texture on which to chew. Taking stock of this growing reputation, the recipe was altered to make it into the snackfood we know and love.