First Agricultural Wars

From Beacon Space
Reconstructed from fragmented data, the First Agricultural Wars provides a loose definition for the start of the Beacon Wars a series of conflicts between modern multi-planetary empires. This conflict took place in AgriSec a satellite sector only accessible from Beacon Space via a single Gate connection to Telas landing on the world of Veyrodant. The AgriSec was an important breadbasket feeding the ever-hungry core worlds. With fracturing relationships and the ever-changing winds of the free market shifting towards conquest, small skirmishes over outposts and yet-unclaimed production worlds threaten to become total war. When the fog clears, who achieves success in the First Agricultural Wars?


Consisting of a 5x5 hex grid... <more details>


An overview of the six Factions in AgriSec at the time of the First Agricultural Wars.
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Derrian Agricultural Consortium Your shareholders nip at your heels. It doesn’t matter to them that you are the most successful agricultural consortium in history. Your parent company in beaconspace dominates their industry, but your satellite franchise still needs to prove itself. You’ve been given control of the tractors, laborers, and enforcers who have given oaths to your rule. Corporate regulation is your enemy. Let Memnos play at being pioneers, let the Bija bearers spout their soulless platitudes, The worlds were made to be exploited. Go and do what you do best, turn Dirt into cold hard cash.
Bīja Bearers You’re not like those other corps. You really do care about the people, after all, who else is going to work in your colonies and purchase your goods? You don’t control things via short-sighted militarism like Derrian, you’re not masochistic efficiency obsessed robots like Memnos, you are the Bija Bearers, and you light the way for others to follow. Seek out new colonies, new land, new opportunities. You will enrich the people of beaconspace, and your own bank accounts.
Memnos Harvifab Nobody else could do what you do. Life is a miracle, and you bring that miracle everywhere you go. Toxic seas? Poisonous atmosphere? No problem. Your rigid systems and survival techniques mean that you can turn a profit where others simply turn and run. Nothing can get in your way. The DAC follow in your footsteps, taking the easy path after you’ve already done the hard work. The Bija bearers poach your people with the promise of an easy life. Those that leave you were simply not cut out to be the best. When all is said and done, anyone could replace them; but history will remember Memnos Harvifab.
Beacon Trade Association It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. You don’t create goods, manage factories, or sully yourself with primary industry. That’s a suckers game with liabilities and competition. You create Wealth. Much easier to simply sell and buy from them all. You had to raise your prices - fuel is not cheap - and these corporations demand more and more from you. If you gave them everything that they asked for; why; you would no longer be needed. Veyrodant is a jewel in your trade empire. You’ve kept it open to all, where the others would exploit it for their own gain. It’s only fair you charge for this service. Don’t get caught up in their corporate games, You’re better than that. You’re the Beacon Trade Association.
Shango Your people bled for this land. Sweat, toil, and tears. You have done the work, made the ground fertile, sown the first seeds and harvested each crop. What have you received in return? Minimum wage and corporate debt. Fated to work your entire life for the supposedly humanitarian Bija Bearers. Until you said that enough was enough. You would be taken advantage of no more. You were successful. You have won your independence, free to make your own path through this cold universe. Will you be able to hold onto it? Or will you once again fall under the corporate boot.
Ka Caregivers Charity is a virtue, but it is not weakness. People often make this mistake when they deal with you. Assuming that simply because you are kind, that you are exploitable, when in truth what you have done takes more discipline than they have shown in their entire life. You reject the easy path of greed and base instinct, you have taken to a higher calling. A rising tide lifts all of humanity, and you will make sure that nobody can stop your healing waters.


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