Castellan of Sihi

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The Castellan of Sihi is a crucial and influential political figure in the functioning of the Starlit Court’s government. This role is steeped in tradition and history, originally created to fill the void left by the loss of the High King, the supreme ruler of Sihi. The Castellan is chosen from the ranks of the Grandmasters, who lead the One Hundred and Forty Four Knightly Orders.

They wield executive powers, issue orders, and ensure that the government operates smoothly in the absence of the High King. Their role is essential for maintaining the stability and security of Sihi and overseeing the legislative branch's actions. The Castellan's ability to make critical decisions and take action in times of need is a cornerstone of the realm's governance.


The First Castellan

Lord Seraphius Thornblade, the inaugural Castellan of Sihi, rose to prominence in a moment of uncertainty and upheaval. His appointment to the role was far from conventional, as it came about due to his steadfast dedication to the realm during a challenging period.

High King's Castellan

At the time of the High King's disappearance, Seraphius Thornblade held the prestigious position of the High King's castellan, a role that revolved around serving as the High King's chief advisor and managing the intricacies of the realm and his household during his long absences during war. His responsibilities extended to maintaining order and balance in Sihi during the High King's rule, making him intimately familiar with the inner workings of the government.

Dedication Amid Uncertainty

When the High King vanished, Sihi found itself facing an unprecedented crisis. The absence of the supreme ruler left a void in leadership, and the realm needed a guiding hand. It was in this dire moment that Seraphius Thornblade's unwavering dedication and tireless efforts to manage the realm through these tumultuous times became apparent. His commitment to the well-being of Sihi and its people, along with his ability to maintain stability, earned him the respect and trust of many.

Reinforcing the Need for the Castellan

It was Seraphius Thornblade's diligent work during the initial years of the High King's absence that solidified the necessity of the Castellan's role in the minds of the Sihi people and their leadership. He demonstrated that a figure with executive authority was essential to ensuring the continuity of governance, making vital decisions, and protecting the realm.

The Naming of the Role

In honor of Lord Seraphius Thornblade's exceptional service during those turbulent times, the role came to be known as the "Castellan." The name recognized his pivotal contributions in managing Sihi through a crisis and established a lasting tradition that has endured throughout the realm's history. The title "Castellan" continues to symbolize dedication, leadership, and the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the realm of Sihi, just as Seraphius Thornblade did during his tenure.

First Elected Castellan

Upon the death of Lord Seraphius, the question fell to the Grandmasters who had formed their council who was to replace him. At this time there were only the twelve founding orders and as such this Council of Twelve found themselves sat with a question of great import. It was determined that the next Castellan would come from among their number, as they held the greatest support and the most experienced ruling of any people within the Court.

After weeks of deliberation, multiple nominations, and recusals the Council of Twelve decided to raise Syr Robert Soleil from the Order of Lions to the position. This was before the Civil Strife that eventually gave rise to the Council of Elders and the reforms that came under them, as such they were not required to relinquish their position as Grandmaster.

Castellan of Strife

Syr Robert retired in 66 EGM, once again leaving the position open. When the Council came together to elect his replacement the six decades of successful rule in the wake of the loss of the High King led to confidence and surety in the election of Syr Gwynnet yp Malchai of the Eternal Flame, the last working member of the first Council of Twelve. Under her unduly certain and near-authoritarian rule, the Court suffered under decades of riots, protests, and near rebellion, culminating in the Year-long Summit and the creation of the Council of Elders as a counterbalance to the Grandmasters.

Current Castellan

Lady Elowen Nightshade, the esteemed Castellan of Sihi, is a paragon of leadership in the realm. With a profound commitment to the well-being of Sihi and its diverse Peoples, Lady Elowen has carried on the legacy of her predecessors, upholding the sacred role of Castellan with grace and fortitude. Her strategic acumen and diplomatic finesse have played a pivotal role in maintaining stability in the realm during times of adversity. As a symbol of unity and unwavering dedication, Lady Elowen continues to lead Sihi with wisdom, ensuring the protection of its people and the preservation of its grand traditions.

Neutrality of the Castellan

The position of Castellan in the government of Sihi is a lifelong office, designed to provide stability and impartiality in leadership. To maintain the neutrality and independence necessary for this role, Castellans are required to leave the Knightly Order they once led, ensuring they serve as a fair and impartial representative of the Sihi government.

By maintaining a lifelong office and requiring Castellans to detach themselves from their Knightly Orders, Sihi's government seeks to preserve a sense of continuity and neutrality in its highest executive authority. This unique approach to leadership reflects the realm's commitment to fair and responsible governance, especially in the absence of a High King.

Lifetime Tenure

The Castellan is appointed to serve for life, a unique characteristic that underscores the importance of consistency in governance. This lifetime tenure is a reflection of the enduring responsibility and the role's importance as the highest executive authority in the absence of a High King. It also serves to prevent undue influence from within the Knightly Orders.

Neutrality and Impartiality

To uphold the principles of fairness and impartiality, Castellans must officially sever their ties with the Knightly Order they previously led. This action ensures that the Castellan can make decisions without being influenced by loyalties or biases that may have developed during their time as Grandmasters. The goal is to guarantee that the Castellan's focus remains solely on the best interests of the entire realm of Sihi.

Selection of the Castellan

The process of choosing a Castellan from among the Grandmasters is a pivotal and carefully orchestrated event in the Sihi government. The selection of the Castellan is essential to ensure the continuity of leadership, especially in the absence of a High King.

The process of choosing a Castellan is designed to be transparent, fair, and reflective of the will of the people as represented by the Council of Elders. The Castellan serves as a stabilizing force in the government, ensuring that Sihi's leadership remains strong and capable, especially during times of crisis. Here is an overview of how a Castellan is chosen:

Grandmaster Status

To be eligible for consideration as a Castellan, an individual must first attain the prestigious rank of Grandmaster within their respective Knightly Order. This is a significant achievement and typically requires years of dedicated service and accomplishments within the order. Grandmasters are often chosen based on their wisdom, leadership abilities, and contributions to their order.

Council of Elders

The responsibility for selecting the Castellan falls to the Council of Elders, the elected body that represents the voice of the people of Sihi. This body, consisting of members elected by the populace, serves as the intermediary between the people and the government. The Council of Elders is responsible for ensuring that the Castellan is chosen with the best interests of the realm in mind.


The process of selecting the Castellan typically begins with the Council of Elders issuing a call for nominations from among the Grandmasters. This call is often accompanied by a period of deliberation, during which the potential candidates are discussed and evaluated. Anyone can nominate a Grandmaster, assuming they can collect the 10,000 votes needed; as such it is far more common for campaigns backed by individual Orders and other politically involved groups to succeed at this stage.


The Council of Elders ultimately votes on the Grandmaster who will assume the role of Castellan. The candidate who secures the majority of votes is chosen as the new Castellan. This selection process reflects the significance of the decision and the need for a consensus among the representatives of the people.

Transition of Power

Once chosen, the new Castellan assumes their role and responsibilities. The transition of power may be accompanied by a formal ceremony or announcement to the people of Sihi. The outgoing Castellan, if there is one, ensures a smooth transition of authority.

Role and Responsibilities

The Castellan, as the First Seat of the Council of Grandmasters, plays a vital role in the governance and administration of Sihi. Their responsibilities are multifaceted and essential for the smooth operation of the government. The primary duties of the Castellan include:

Executive Leadership

In the absence of a High King, the Castellan assumes the role of the highest executive authority in Sihi. They wield the Throne's power, granting them the authority to make critical decisions and enact executive orders on behalf of the Court of Castle Sihi. This ensures the continuity of governance and the ability to respond swiftly to pressing issues.

Appointing Judges

One of the significant responsibilities of the Castellan is appointing the Judges who preside over the court system beneath the Unseelie Court. These Judges play a vital role in interpreting and upholding the laws of Sihi and ensuring that justice is served throughout the realm.

Legislative Action

The Castellan is responsible for overseeing the implementation of laws passed by the legislative branch. They ensure that bills signed into law are executed among the diverse Peoples of Sihi. This involves collaborating with the Council of Elders, who represent the voice of the people.

Head of the Court

In practice, most of the day-to-day functioning of the government is handled by civil servants working in the various ministries that make up the Court of Castle Sihi. These ministries report to the ministers, appointed by the Castellan, who sit in the cabinet that meets with and reports to the Castellan in his office in the King’s Hall.

Military Oversight

Traditionally, the Council of Grandmasters, including the Castellan, has a significant role in military matters. They handle official military contracts and have the authority to approve or deny knightly quests, which are vital for the protection and well-being of the realm.

Powers of the Castellan

The Castellan's powers are extensive, reflecting the weight of their responsibilities. They have the following vital powers:

Executive Orders

The Castellan can issue executive orders that have the force of law within Sihi. These orders are binding and can be implemented without the need for legislative approval. This power allows the Castellan to respond quickly to crises and emerging threats. However, they are limited in duration to 90 days outside of a state of emergency, should the need for their enforcement continue to be present they must receive the assent of at least one of the Councils.


The Castellan has the authority to appoint Judges to the court system, ensuring that qualified individuals serve in this crucial role.

Military Decisions

While most small-scale military acts are performed under the auspices of one knightly order or another when the Court as a whole goes to war the Castellan is empowered to make decisions related to overarching military matters. All such unilateral decisions are subject to the scrutiny and judgment of the Council of Grandmasters upon the completion of any such war.

Administrative Oversight

The Castellan plays a pivotal role in the administration of the government, making sure that laws are implemented effectively and efficiently across the realm.

The Castellan's Guard

The Castellan's Guard is a prestigious and highly skilled elite force in the realm of Sihi, consisting of the most accomplished knights drawn from all One Hundred and Forty Four Knightly Orders. This select group serves as the personal protectors and advisors to the Castellan, ensuring their safety and assisting in the execution of their duties.

Selection and Training

Members of the Castellan's Guard are chosen from the ranks of the Knightly Orders based on their exceptional skills, unwavering loyalty, and commitment to the realm. These knights undergo rigorous training, often surpassing the already demanding standards of their respective orders. The selection process is highly competitive, with only the best and most dedicated knights being granted the honor of joining the Castellan's Guard.

Diverse Expertise

What sets the Castellan's Guard apart is its diversity in expertise. Drawn from various orders, its members bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to the service of the Castellan. This diversity ensures that the Guard is equipped to handle a variety of challenges, from combat situations to diplomatic missions.

Duties and Responsibilities

In times of crisis or when the Castellan requires the utmost protection and support, the Castellan's Guard stands ready to fulfill their sacred duty, ensuring the continued stability and security of the realm. The Castellan's Guard is entrusted with several crucial responsibilities:


Their primary duty is to safeguard the Castellan and Castle Sihi, ensuring their safety in all circumstances. The Guard is ever vigilant and prepared to defend against any threat to the Castellan's life or the safety of the Starlit Court’s seat of government.

Advisory Role

Members of the Castellan's Guard serve as advisors to the Castellan, offering their counsel on matters of security, strategy, and diplomacy. Their expertise and diverse backgrounds make them valuable sources of insight. Representatives As esteemed knights from various orders, the Guard represents the unity and cooperation among the Knightly Orders. They exemplify the realm's commitment to collaboration and solidarity. Symbol of Unity The Castellan's Guard symbolizes the unity and strength of Sihi, bringing together the best and brightest from its knightly traditions to serve a singular purpose. Their unwavering loyalty to the Castellan and the realm is a testament to the ideals of honor, duty, and valor that underpin Sihi's society.