Beef in Space

From Beacon Space

One might rightfully assume that a minor station orbiting Mos would be some sort of pre-colonization era listening post to see if they had come to a planet with a population already there, but you’d be wrong. Built twenty years ago by entrepreneur and philanthropist Morthwyl Littlerock, the small station is actually a restaurant. Thus would Beef-in-Space be born into an economic boom period, as it became a popular dining destination from travelers, specifically those from the enigmatic tube of Sihi.

Orbiting Mos at L1, opposite Mos’ two moons, the station would expand fifteen years ago to allow for larger ships to park, and also to seat more guests. Like many Littlerock Industries LLC (LRI on the galactic stock exchange), customer service is paramount, second only to the quality of food and drink. Due to being a station, it also meant they could get many imports from across Sector-Center.

One of the restaurant’s biggest pulls is that it can serve multiple roles depending on what you need. A quick meal when you’re tired of the ship’s mess hall? They have you covered. Meet a sweet dime in New Harmony and want to impress her with a fancy dinner? Beef-in-Space has you covered with the upper part of the station-restaurant, Boeuf Maison sur les Étoiles. Need a nice place to bring the family? Friday nights, those fifteen and under eat free.

Ten years ago, there would be a debacle during a promotional meeting with one Syr Loin McAngus, the Beefy, where under Mosian law, he had the right to use the likeness of the Holy Sanctuary Brother-Sergeant. When translated to Sihian, the contract did not have that provision, causing a major lawsuit to be filed by the Order of the Holy Sanctuary on behalf of their knight. This court case is still ongoing, and so the imagery is still used.

In more modern times, Morthwyl has actively made both sides of the cold war agree to his establishment being neutral ground, and any action on the station will be met with retaliation. He also made deals with the Doge of the SCS Farm to Market to import food to Mos through Beef-in-Space.


Ground Beef Stuffed Peppers - One of the staples of the Beef-in-Space menu is Stuffed Peppers, using seasoned ground beef, ranging from slightly seasoned to very spicy, in sauteed peppers in a bed of tomato sauce.

Steak Kebabs - Skewers have always been popular in the frontier, and this peper, onion, and steak kebab is no different. Served on miniature Sihian rapiers, the cubed steak chunks are marinated for several hours in a mixture of red wine vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, honey, salt, pepper, oregano, and ground coriander.

Vegetable Kebabs - Why anyone would go to a place called Beef-in-Space and want a vegetarian option confuses even the greatest philosophers, who have gone mad trying to understand the reasons why, but Morthwyl is a business Lutrian first and foremost, and so removed the steak from the Steak Kebabs, replacing them with sauteed mushrooms and squash.

Roast Dumplings - This pastry encased hand-held meal consists of tenderloin beef, potatoes, carrots, celery, and a thick gravy. Served in a trio of the dumplings, it has been described as if having an entire Sunday Dinner wrapped in a golden, flakey crust.

Kielbasa - This sweet, savory, and smokey sausage is served, usually, with roasted potatoes and braised cabbage.

BBQ Special - An open-faced sandwich of sliced Kielbasa, thinly sliced roast beef, shredded chicken, sauteed onions, peppers, a sweet BBQ sauce, and pickles. This sandwich is commonly only served during the summer months, though can be ordered as a special.

Herb Butter Chicken - Chicken wrapped around a herb and spice butter core, this dish is then coated in breadcrumbs and baked, this is a common staple of the restaurant’s business. While many different herbs can be used, the most common are parsley and dill, but other herbs can be added or removed as needed. Oftentimes, a dash of lemon or lime juice is added for flavor.

Drinks, Non-Alcoholic

While things like water, soda, and the like are common enough, this section will handle those that the Beef-in-Space chiefs have cooked up to help make the restaurant pop.

Mosian Kompot - Taking the juices of various pitted fruits from across Beacon Space, Beef-in-Space developed this ancient traditional drink to fit the modern surroundings. Into the boiling water goes the pitted fruit and berries, and after a half hour of boiling, honey is added for sweetness. After straining, the drink is served cold, and is a favorite of children and young adults with a sweet tooth.

Kissel - Quite literally the same process as the Mosian Kompot, and usually the same ingredients, but instead of straining it, potato starch and water mixture is added. While also served cold, this drink (more akin to a fruit and berry stew) is also considered a desert.

Uzvar - A combination of dried apples, apricots, prunes, and sour cherries along with vanilla, star anise, cinnamon, lemon, and orange zest are added to a large pot of water. The mixture is simmered over low heat for an hour to infuse. It is served warm and is incredibly popular at the restaurant’s New Harmony location.

Drinks, Alcoholic

While Beacon Space is filled with many cocktails, several are served at the bars attached to the restaurant itself, though the more iconic cocktails will be listed here.

Mosian Magical Blizard - Sihian White Absinthe and Mosian-grown blue spearmint liquor, with some simple syrup in a shaker, when combined with ice, creates a strange and beautiful bright blue cocktail that has small ice crystals forming and swirling around within it.

The Larkspur - This red cocktail is perhaps the easiest drink to make on the entire menu of the bar; Mosian Brandy, grenadine, and orange bitters shaken together to make a beautifully crimson cocktail, and was made in honor of the Larkspur Combine, who so graciously helped the Lutrian owner of this restaurant to set up shop and integrate into the culture.

Summertime - This cherry liqueur cocktail is the restaurant’s unofficial summer drink, with a cherry liquor, tart cherry juice, and some lemon juice, it is shaken and then strained into a coup glass. Then, it is garnished with candied orange slices.

The Godfather - A drink ominously named, but one that is always recommended by your esteemed host, The Godfather is a simple mix of almond liqueur and Sihian whiskey. Add a little sweetener to taste and you have a drink that is very popular for its simplicity, although the bartenders of Beef-in-Space will often serve it in a smoked glass, burning some sage and oregano within the glass to add a smokey flavor to the drink.

He Do B. Larkspur - This gin and limoncello cocktail named to honor the leader of the Larkspur Revolution has one extra ingredient, club soda, making a bubbly, lemony, juniper flavored drink.