From Beacon Space

The Abiadura-jalea or "Speed-Eater" is a mythical creature born from early in the psyche of Ikaros. The creature is described as a sixteen legged long worm split into three distinct segments. The first segment features a mass of fiberous lengths that act as sensory collection information for the creature. The middle section features a mass of ears, noses, mouths, tongues, and sensory organs of all kinds excluding eyes. The last segment is smooth aside from a large unblinking eye on the very end. The Speed-Eater can only see where it has been, not where it is going. It is said to emerge from the desert and be drawn to kinetic energy, but will soon catch anything moving slowly. The way to defeat it is to "run, run as fast as you can, if we can't catch you the speed-eater still can".


It is suspected this mythical creature was born from the overactive imagination of young and fledgling Ikarosi citizens as they ran across the desert at high speed. Shadows twisting and warping in their perception into a monster that was chasing them, always spurring them to go faster much like the societal pressures that drive everyone to greater and greater speed.