The Song of the Beacon

From Beacon Space
A foundational myth of the people of Dynae that arose after the creation of the Tahora Whai

Gather round children and hear the story of our people.

Long ago the Tahora Whai were many people. All heard the Song of the Beacon and left their ancient homes to find a new one. Their journeys were long and arduous. Our ancestors arrived in many disparate places and found themselves alone, their ships stranded. The Kaiārahi of our ancestors despaired for all seemed lost, but then they saw the Great Tahora: the greatest whales of the abyss. Following them, the many peoples of our ancestors made their way to Dynae which was in those times a lush and verdant world.

Our ancestors gathered there, but there was no Erinaa to bring peace and understanding to the many people. So, our ancestors fought amongst themselves and with Others that had also come by myriad ways to the Teuthem Star. The war was long and Dynae suffered for it. The wisest Kaiārahi of our ancestors came together and agreed that the war must end. Learning from the Great Tahora that had guided them to Dynae, our ancestors created the Vāk. From that Voice came the Erinaa. From that Song the many peoples of our ancestors became one people, the Tahora Whai. Though our ancestors had found peace, there were still Others who refused the Erinaa. They saw our Song as a threat and sought to destroy us. They failed, but not before Dynae was made a wasteland. With Dynae devastated, the Others saw no value in the world. They left the Teuthem Star for another and the Tahora Whai were too weak to stop them.

Again it seemed that our ancestors would perish. They fled to the High Mountains to escape the poisoned air, but their resources were few. Once again the Great Tahora provided. Our ancestors followed them again and took their meat to eat and their bones to build. As they had done before The Great Tahora now with their smaller cousins brought the Tahora Whai life and home.

For centuries we have labored, bolstered by the Tahora both Great and small, to make our world a paradise again, but we have found no answers with the Teuthem Star. Now we must seek new Stars and hope for answers to heal our world. Let the Others beware, for if we find them in the void there will be no mercy.

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