System LIII

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System LIII
Hex 1315
First Planet Planet BH

Notable Planets

Planet BH

System Objects

Taiyo Station

The first interstellar refueling station established under the Colonial Transportation Infrastructure Program (CTIP) and operated by the Horizons Energy Group. Located at the edge of the Aether Reach, Taiyo Station serves a dual purpose of ensuring any new expeditions or colonial efforts in the region can be fully supported as well as facilitating new routes into the Zoanthi Chain. Horizons Energy Group also hopes to utilize the refueling station as an operations base for future surveying expeditions into the wider sector.

Being the first project launched by the Organization of Transportation and Interstellar Infrastructure Guilds (OTIIG), amenities and traveler experience was emphasized alongside the operational requirements. Taiyo Station can support a wide array of vessels and has a number of accommodations for weary travelers including hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping in the Aurora Plaza.

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