Starry Knight Coffee

From Beacon Space
It's Knight Time!
Starry Knight Coffee
Motto "Coffee with Honor"
Industry Fast Food
Products Coffee, Tea, Pastries, Breakfast
Founded 470 AoQ (102 years old)
Status Active
Ownership Daria Kiern
Place of Origin Sihi
Subsidiaries Starry Knight Coffeehouse

Starry Knight Coffee is a fast food chain based out of Sihi known for their coffee, iced and otherwise.


Starry Knight is a large business with home-grown roots. Coffee plants have been carefully curated within the Starlit Court for thousands of years. The drink is traditional, practically running thick within the veins of the individuals of the Court. They’ve had many lifetimes to curate the strength, the taste, the sweetness and flavor. Due to this, visitors to Sihi were enraptured by the thriving flora, and of course, the fruits of that flora.

Starry Knight had humble origins, beginning as a small stand run just outside the Meeting Hall for the Council of Grandmasters. The owner, one Daria Kiern, used her charismatic presence and prime placement within the court to make a living. When tourists of Beacon Space started lining up for “the coffee of the elites,” she was able to fund her own small shop. Expansion happened swiftly, and Daria, now well into her 120th year of life, thrives at the heart of a successful enterprise.


Daria, early on in her career, brought up the idea of asking for themed drinks based on knights who had gone above and beyond, living or not, to a Grandmaster ordering a drink. He cheerily volunteered one of his subordinates. The drink became extremely popular, as “Yohann Green” had a uniquely green drink created in his honor.

The idea stuck, and was exceptionally profitable. Daria chose knights on the rise. It became popular to learn of and discuss the current achievements of themed knights. There have been drinks based on Nathan Kayne, the first Unsheathed Soul. There is a “Drink of Champions,” honoring every Champion of Sihi, although specific knights have been honored individually.

Product Line

The menu is not limited to the following examples; these are merely popular drinks, or currently in-season.

Year-Round Drinks

  • Caffè Thoranno: This drink is prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a different flavor from traditionally brewed coffee. Its strength varies with the number of shots of espresso and amount of water added.
  • Excalibur: This chilled iced coffee is diluted with cream and syrups of a variety. One will usually indicate which syrups when ordering. The “sweet sword” is quite popular among those who don’t necessarily like dark, bitter drinks, yet do still enjoy mild accents of coffee.
  • The Cryo-Cracker: This drink will wake you up and mess you up. 50% by volume straight caffeine, with several shots of java and a deniable trace amount of amphetamine salts.
  • The Civil Sihian: A non-alcoholic version of the Syrly Sihian, wherein the coffee is mixed the coffee is not cut with alcohol, but with cocoa. Cream is still piled atop, and the candied citrus peels make a pleasant garnish.
  • The Hope Drink: Drip coffee, assembled over a long period of time, for a very concentrated and potent drink. This drink has been given a modern name after the rediscovery of the Cryogenically frozen population of Elentar aboard the Hope Fleet.
  • Koldbrew: Steeped in cold water overnight, this low acidity coffee delivers a rich and nuanced flavor. Enjoy sweetened as well.

Espresso Drinks -Made with Sihian Cream!

Espresso Drinks are made to order! Alternative milks, no extra charge. The available shots of syrup include, but are not limited to:

  • Lavender
  • Fruits
  • Toffee/Caramel
  • Brown sugar
  • Simple syrup
  • Chocolate

Coffee Floats

  • The Star Shot: A shot of espresso with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Nuts! Hot coffee blended with hazelnuts, cashews, cinnamon syrup and your choice of ice cream or heavy cream. Depending on the choice of cream or ice cream, you get either the consistency of a frappe or a milkshake.
  • The Spear of Mint: This small shot of java and mint ice cream serves as a palette cleanser. This add-on to an order can be consumed first, to make the taste buds more sensitive and open to the complexities of the following drink or meal.
  • Iced Cocoa Cloud: Double-chocolate ice cream over cafe au lait topped with a cloud of whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder

Alcoholic Menu

  • Bitter Betrayal (aka The Dominionist): A right of passage for some of the more foolish, the Bitter Betrayal (or The Dominionist, both are used interchangeably) is 36 oz of the bitterest coffee grown on Thorann, and 6 oz of poured Angostura Bitters, and 2 oz of absinthe.
  • The Milk Maid: This coffee cocktail is one of the easier ones to make at home, leading to much popularity. 4 oz of coffee liquor is mixed with 4 oz of heavy cream, 1.5 oz cinnamon syrup, and 2.5 oz of espresso. The mixture is then shaken until foamy, and garnished with a single mint leaf.
  • The Syrly Sihian: Equal parts coffee and brandy, the two are mixed, shaken, and then poured into a coup where fresh whipped cream is floated atop, with candied orange peels shaved atop for extra flavor.
  • A Lutrian Coffee: A favorite in Little Lutria, the drink consists of 24 oz of coffee or espresso, 1.5 oz of Thoranite Whiskey, two tablespoons of brown sugar are all mixed together. Then, heavy cream is added to taste.
  • The Green Fairy: 6 oz of absinthe, 3 oz of mint liquor, 6 oz of clear coffee liquor, and 6 oz of heavy cream, the mixture is shaken until frothy. It is then poured into a coup and garnished with two mint leaves on the side, and two coffee beans as the eyes.
  • The Knight of Bubbles - Often mistaken as a coffee soda by those who know nothing about cocktails, the Knight of Bubbles is a cold drink, where 1 oz of coffee, 1.5 oz of sugar syrup, and 2 oz of sweet vermouth is shaken together, then stirred with 1 oz of club soda.
  • The Knight For A Day - 1 oz each of gin, campari, sweet vermouth, and espresso shaken together, then served over ice. A spitz from an orange peel is shot out over the drink, before the orange peel section is put into the glass.
  • Sweet Victory - Creamy rum, coffee liquor, chocolate liquor, and heavy cream all at a single ounce and a half are shaken together, and dusted with chocolate powder once poured, this drink is popular with the more civil elements of the Starlit Court.
  • Leviathan’s Blood - 3 oz of drip coffee and 3 oz of mead, stirred together. It’s as simple as that.
  • Cup of Grail: The Cup of Grail is a drink made at the side of your table. The glass is coated in sugar, doused in high-proof rum, then set afire. The caramelized glass is then filled with coffee, Kahlua, and Triple Sec, topped with whipped cream, and garnished with nutmeg.

“Your Knightly Orders” Seasonal Drinks

  • The Lady of the Lake: This is a non-coffee drink, a sweet blackberry-lemonade with seasonal fruits and berries floating amidst the ice. It is a new option on the menu, in honor of Syr Nimue vas Hollan. The online discussion includes a debate on which was named first, Nimue or the Nimuen.
  • The Drink of Champions: Just as very few people ever find themselves in the position to become Champion of Sihi, very few people can actually finish this drink. It is 48oz of pure, undiluted espresso. If proof of consumption within a half hour is proven, the drinker is given free regular coffees for the next month. Many attempt the challenge, but few succeed, and the pictures of the successful are uploaded temporarily onto a webpage. The only permanent image is an image of the Champion of Sihi as the banner of the drink’s page, smiling brightly with an empty cup.
  • The Kayne Special: In honor of the first member of the Unsheathed Soul, Nathan Kayne, this latte is served with a stick of sugar cane across the top. One usually stirs the latte with the sugar cane until it is completely dissolved prior to consumption.
  • The Suplexor: Have you ever wanted to feel like a dragon? Well, this drink is for you, for it will knock you flat on your ass, just as the great knight, Syr Loin McAngus the Beefy knocked a fiery dragon flat on their ass! This coffee is mixed with chili powder and a full stick of cinnamon, making it hot in more ways than one! Suplex your dragon today!
  • The Swift Blade: Named in honor of the 22nd Champion of Sihi, Syr Maelon McAngus, this drink consists of 12 oz of espresso, and a stick of cinnamon, 12 oz of cold brew coffee, and a single teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Food Menu (changes daily)

    • Ice cream cake, special java blend, chilled whipped cream icing.
    • Coffee Cake
    • Millionaire Shortbread
    • Cookies - snickerdoodle, macadamia chocolate, gluten free chocolate chip,
    • Muffins - chocolate, blueberry, poppyseed
    • Scones - cheddar and chive, blackberry ginger, chocolate chunk
  • Assorted Pastries
    • Bearclaw
    • Custard Pie
    • Danish
  • Croissants and Croissant sandwiches
    • Traditional Buttered
    • Chocolate Croissant/Pain-au-Chocolat
    • Ham and Cheese
    • Brie and Cherry Jam
  • Bottled water
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, bottled