Office of Sihi Intelligence

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After the Civil War 574 it was decided that The Starlit Court needed a more centralized intelligence agency on Sihi that could anticipate and re-empt situations like this in the future. With The Sidhe offering to build such an institution in a neutral way as not to advantage any of the Orders. As such in 568 the Office of Sihi Intelligence was created. It exists to aggregate and corroborate the intelligence gathered by knightly scouting parties. It has broad policing powers but is mostly focused on keeping the Orders in line. They rarely take direct action but rather, after seeing a threat in the data they collect and analyze, induce the best positioned Knightly Order to intervene. The exception to this are The Crows of la Fae. A secretive group of Sidhe operatives who were instrumental in establishing OSI but are now operating more independently while still being ostensibly part of OSI. Because the Crows often act on OSI intelligence and OSI itself carries a part of their mythos and the danger they represent, a visit from an OSI officer can be quite a tense affair.


The Head of OSI is always a Sidhe chosen by the Lady and rumored to be a member of the Crows in order to maintain a maximum of independence and neutrality. While Sidhe make up a disproportionate number of OSI members, the only prohibition from joining is for knights or those bonded to a fae. Most of the people in the employ of OSI are data analysts or investigators but they do maintain a small strike force for police raids. Besides the position of leader and the special rank of the crows, the hierarchy of OSI is mostly flat. Analysts and Investigators sometimes group together for projects but often work alone or in pairs and either act on their findings or transfer it to the crows. When they need more fire power they turn to local police or a Knightly Order who are oath- and honorbound to assist.