Ezekiel Blacktallow

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Ezekiel Blacktallow
Name Ezekiel Blacktallow
Affiliation Tahora Whai
Played By Chiyoko#3493
Homeworld Mos
Birth Date 26
Death Date Date of Death
Species Human
Gender Male
Bleed Aptitude Magical
Height 5'9
Weight 120lbs
Hair Colour black
Eye Colour Silver/Yellow

Ezekiel Blacktallow is a player character in the Tahora Whai, ran by Chiyoko#3493 on discord.

Traits and Appearance

Ezekiel is a tall, mildly lanky male, with pale skin and a mop of black hair. Ezekiel has silver/yellow eyes that fade to red as he uses magic. Ezekiel is a biomancer, but he doesn't like using his abilities in the open unless necessary.


Details on Ezekiels life.

Early Life

Ezekiel Blacktallow is a 26 year old human male born in mos before the civil war that is now ongoing onworld. Ezekiel, despite his fraternizing with the tahora would suggest of him, grew up in a normal, peaceful merchant family. His family being in service to one of the mafia controlling the world, however, meant he quickly grew up learning how to wield a weapon, lie, cheat, and work his way into a deal by any means necessary. He chafed against such things, though, and after his family got drawn in too deep, he abandoned them and made his work in a ship working for the combine.

Career and Hostel

Ezekiel continued to bounce from job to job for the better part of three years until he found himself a ship of his own, nearly robbing the poor captain with how cheaply he haggled it down. Since then, he has begun working towards making this ship like a floating, traveling hostel, taking up people running from their family; escaping their own world and lives; and generally in need of getting lost.

Fraternizing with the Tahora

Ezekiel got involved with the Tahora entirely by accident. He ended up becoming interested in their ways after a chance encounter with a captain playing a game of stacks, and ended up signing a contract with them after taking up the art of scrimshaw mostly due to their numerous ways of acquiring the stuff. He has since then become a capable artisan in their employ, but he regularly does business with any other faction or individual who appreciates his work and art.