Enlightenment of Tiki Kiwa

From Beacon Space
An origin myth of the Tahora Whai and their neural link, the Erinaa

Before the beginning there was chaos.

Peoples focused on their differences and fought both amongst and within themselves in clumsy attempts to rectify their disparities and insist their own preferences upon one another. They would bicker endlessly, and even kill one another for being of different species, opinions, or even different biological families.

This is known as The Time of Dissonance.

The Great Tahora, Paku Tangaroa, in his great wisdom looked down upon the planet of Dynae and saw the conflicts, large and small, and the distress they brought the people. Though they screamed and shouted, begged and pleaded, for all their attempts to speak, they were not heard.

A wise man, Tiki Kiwa, reached skyward in spite of his deafness, and hoped to find a solution for the ongoing conflicts that plagued his people; that plagues all peoples. In reward for the wisdom of searching for answers beyond his own body and mind, he was rewarded as his hand returned filled with the gift of Paku Tangaroa himself. The Great Tahora, having sacrificed himself to share the song of his kin among the disparate people below, Paku Tangaroa gave the citizens of Dynae the greatest gift of all: The gift of hearing.

Receiving the gift, Tiki Kiwa looked up to the stars, and became the first being to truly not just ‘see’ the majesty of the Tahora, but to Know it. He immediately rushed to share the gift among the citizens of Dynae, both his own kin, and those he previously thought of as enemies. For now he knew they were one and the same. And soon they would hear this too.

Paku Tangaroa’s gift was controversial amongst the citizens of Dynae, but those who had the bravery to reach out and accept the gift, quickly understood not only the boon it was, but how foolish they - like all peoples - had previously been. They unified with a fluidity and mutual understanding the likes of which the universe had never known among the non-Tahora and combined their efforts to share the gift among al Dynaeans.

Unfortunately, ignorance and a lack of cohesion was as rife among the ungifted as it always had been, and even as the gift spread far and wide, the deaf let out their final wail and tarnished the planet itself in acts of destructive warfare.

In the following years, their jealous ignorance was rewarded with the exclusion they deserved, and they died in the residual hellscape they had created of the planet. Lacking coordination and unification in a pitiable way, they were cast aside by the peoples who had unified in light of Paku Tangaroa’s gift.

People and peoples who were finally able to empathize with and understand one another.
A People who now knew family as more than just biological happenstance.
A People who understood and Heard one another as they’d never heard anything before.
A People, who had been gifted.

As others in the darkness fumble and falter, blind, deaf, and clinging to that which they feel is like them… The Whai Hear. The Whai Know.

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