Ascended Epistratum

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Ascended Epistratum
Motto "May the whispers of Entropy guide your path."
Focus Progress Through Decay
Homeworld Ikaros
System Gograpatk
Faction Tag Mercenary Group & Purveyors of Entropy

All faction assets gain the following special ability: As an action, the asset may move itself to any planet within one hex. If an asset already has this ability, increase its range by one.

This Faction picks any one Asset to have either the Order or Disorder Status. This Faction may change (e.g. the selected Asset and/or Status) this applied benefit once per turn.
Conjugation Ascended Epistratum / Ascended

Step into the shadows of the Ascended Epistratum, an insectoid spacefaring faction driven by the tenets of progress through decay. With their sinister insect-like aesthetics and complex caste system, they navigate the cosmos with a purpose. From esoteric rituals to intricate hierarchies, they wield the power of decay Bleed to shape their destiny. Inspired by the eerie beauty of insects, they embrace darkness and secrecy, orchestrating their plans from the shadows. Explore a world where decay is the key to transformation, and where whispers of the entropy guide their path.


  • Cosmic Horror
    • Embracing the concept of decay as a catalyst for progress and transformation.
  • Insect Aesthetics
    • Drawing inspiration from the eerie and unsettling qualities of insects in their visual design.
  • Dark Decadence
    • Incorporating dark and mysterious rituals that shape the fate of individuals and the faction as a whole.
  • Ancient Mysticism
    • Establishing a complex social structure with distinct castes, each serving a specific function within the faction..
  • Shadowy Intrigue
    • Cultivating an atmosphere of intrigue, espionage, and manipulation, operating from the shadows to achieve their goals.


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Caste System

The Shai'tanu

Pronunciation: sh-eye-tah-noo
The Worker Caste | Rough Translation: The Builders of the Foundation

The Ankhserqet

Pronunciation: ahnks-er-ket
The Diplomatic Caste | Rough Translation: The Weavers of Word

The Ma'atgat

Pronunciation: mah-at-gat
The Military Caste | Rough Translation: The Bearers of Decay

The Paserrennutet

Pronunciation: pah-serr-en-noo-tet
The Bureaucratic Caste | Rough Translation: The Architects of Order

The Sefkhetfly

Pronunciation: sef-ket-fli
The Religious Caste | Rough Translation: The Keepers of the Sacred Mystery

The Neferankh

Pronunciation: neh-fur-ahnk
The Scientific Caste | Rough Translation: The Seekers of Cosmic Knowledge

The Ankhnarutef

Pronunciation: ahnkh-nah-roo-tef
The Noble Caste | Rough Translation: The Illuminators of Eternity


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Faction Characters

- Previous Faction Leader

- Current Faction Leader Concordantia Isyra Vyntara

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Faction Truths

  1. Ascent is built around the crashed remains of an old archive ship.
  2. Ascent has a messenger guild whose leader is chosen by a race every year.
  3. Ascent has a university dedicated to exploring the sector and re-discovering the technology of the past.
  4. Ascent zealously collects artifacts, relics, and rare tech to protect themselves from an ancient foe.

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