Bulmign'r Marksmen Rifle

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Bulmign'r Marksmen Rifle

The Bulmign'r is a precision-based anti-personnel and anti-material rifle that shoots short jets of stabilized Magmus, (the gun's ammo, a form of liquid obtained from Mihara plant flowers that have similar properties to lava when disturbed/stirred physically) with the help of a power core located at the back of the weapon. This power core is self-sufficient, however, it is vulnerable to damage, which can make the rifle non-functional.

Bulmign'r Marksmen Rifle Mk. IV

These jets are shot at extremely high velocities, making them travel similarly to ballistic rounds. They are so fast they can pierce very strong or dense materials like a hot knife through butter. If the target isn't eliminated from initial contact, they will typically suffer horrifically due to the 5th-degree internal and external burns caused by the magmus that made contact. This serves an important psychological role in the armoury of the Decadentian Epistratum.

Magmus also works extremely well against most kinds of material. Decimating any cover enemies may wish to hide behind and consistently forcing them to make for new cover, and becoming vulnerable in the process. Magmus can also cause significant damage to most vehicles, armor, and buildings.

However, one drawback of the rifle is that it has an intricate and lengthy reload time. Bearers of this armament carry an instrument called the "magmatic centrifuge" that works similarly to a hand pump, except it pumps stabilized magmus instead. The bearer also carries small cylinders of magmus to reload, which are highly volatile. Contact with atmospheric gases along with significant physical exertion can cause the magmus to destabilize and become unusable. These refill cylinders are usually vacuum sealed and are made out of a material that prevents the cylinders from melting if destabilization occurs inside them.