Armageddon Mechs

From Beacon Space

Armageddon Class Mech

Armageddon mechs are truly enormous war machines whose existence is only possible due to TL5 technology or the implementation of complex technomancy. Standing between 60 and 85 feet tall, armageddon mechs are engines of unparalleled destruction. Armageddon mechs mount naval class weaponry and are capable of independent operation in and out of Zero-G conditions. Within the Starlit Court, armageddon mechs operate in a lance of four to six, and are accompanied by a special transport ship designated as the ‘hearth’, and colloquially known as a drop-ship. The hearth is a lightly armed transport ship that almost entirely consists of a hangar and repair bay, and acts as a means to move, repair, and refit the armageddon mechs between deployments.

Armageddon mechs were developed shortly after the discovery of Grail by the Starlit Court and Larkspur Combine. The machines took advantage of new technologies discovered on the Grail world, Court technical expertise, and Combine sorcery. The combined use of new materials and design processes discovered on Grail, and Larkspur magic allowed Court wizards to develop mechs to a scale previously thought impossible. Lighter, more durable materials, and cutting edge design techniques enabled Starlit Court wizards to create gargantuan frames that were just as agile as their smaller counterparts.

The Paladin Drive

Larkspur Combine sorcery created a new unique device dubbed “The Paladin Drive”, a technomantic device that allowed for direct mind machine interface while limiting the tremendous neural load such a machine would put on its pilot. The paladin drive creates a secondary link to the machine in tandem with the sheath. This secondary bridge allows the pilot’s mind to directly interface with the mech without the medium of the sheath. By bypassing the sheath, the fey is free to migrate into the mech itself using its own onboard computational resources as an onboard AI assistant and completely freeing the human mind of the strain that would otherwise be placed on it.


The ultimate weapon in an armageddon mech lance’s arsenal is the Right of Coalescence. In a single glorious action the members of an armageddon lance combine their mechs together, the machines becoming the constituent parts for a much larger machine. The pilots and their fey link their minds together in a single chorus via the Paladin Drives and form a single towering weapon worthy of the title Armageddon. Often called Mega-Armageddon mechs, these combined machines stand at a colossal 150ft at their smallest, and 200ft at their tallest, with an arsenal that could theoretically rip SCS Cruiser apart in a single alpha strike.