A Billion Billion Stories

From Beacon Space
An excerpt of a poem attributed to the skald Rishi Brage, depicting the uniting of the planet Puluhan with the whalers of Dynae. First published by Häl Gillmin of the “Beacon Times” in the article, "The Puluhan Report"

A billion billion stories‎
All valid and profound‎
Yet all are left so meaningless‎
Without the gifted sound

Brave but without bearings‎
Amidst the endless sea‎
Their ears begin to listen‎
Their eyes can finally see

Old causes once worth dying for‎
With reason sparse and thin‎
Divided, now united‎
As they find a greater kin

The peoples of a planet,‎
Not lost, but not yet found‎
Their minds and hearts now open‎
As they hear the gifted sound

The Whai begin to offer‎
The wisdom they have learned‎
The peoples given knowledge‎
And in kind they do return

United by their difference‎
And stories of their pain‎
And though they all do differ‎
Their purpose is now the same

The Whai grow ever stronger‎
New allies they embrace‎
Uniqueness celebrated‎
Amidst this varied race

A billion billion stories‎
All valid and profound‎
And all will find true meaning‎
When they hear the gifted sound

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