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0609 Teuthem is the home system of the Tahora Whai. It is also known as Teuthem Space

Hex 0609
First Planet Dynae
Black Hole no

The Teuthem Star is the parent to one terrestrial planet—Dynae—and two Ice Giants—Paikea and Jōtun.

Travel through Tuethem is generally regarded as a dangerous venture. The raiders of the Tahora Whai and the dangerous void fauna they keep amount to a troublesome passage through the system.

Notable Planets


A former bastion of biodiversity, Dynae is a badlands world after a great calamity over 300 years ago. The planet is also the homeworld of the Tahora Whai, a network of cybernetically enhanced pirates and whalers. Dynae’s population lives predominantly in the high mountains and in orbiting stations. While almost impossible, a handful of people live on the surface in the lower atmosphere where corrosive and invasive salts eat away at all maner of life support systems.

Two moons orbit the planet:


A highly excentric rock barely held together by its own gravitational force. For most residents of Teuthem and passers-by, Catavance provides little more than an inertial slingshot to resourcefully escape Dynae’s orbit and traverse the system.


The populous moon of Dynae known for its refueling station Canala 6 based out of the crater of the same name.

Above the moon a orbital ruin, Tolon 5, exchanges hands often and is a constant haven for pirates.


Ice Giant and Tahora Graveyard

The planet Paikea is the largest celestial body in the Teuthem system, save the central star itself. Classified as an Ice Giant, the planet has a heavy and thick atmosphere comprised of Methane, Nitrogen, and suspended Ices surrounding a rocky core.

Paikea is also known for the congregation of Tahora, especially the native Teuthemi Leviathans, that feed in the upper atmosphere. At the end of their life cycle, Tahora often expire in the Tahora Graveyard that forms a ring around the giant planet. The plethora of megafauna around the planet renders it one of the most dangerous areas to fly in Teuthem space, even for the most skilled pilots and Whai.

In Paikea's gravity well, only the station of Hvalakókari is inhabitated year-round. Many whalers and tenders of the Tahora call this outpost home. The station is the center of cutting-edge research into and the ranching of the local megafauna.


Sub-Neptune Class Planet

Further from the star and smaller, Jōtun is also a colder planet than Paikea. The icy-blue sphere attracts fewer Tahora.

Not much is significant about the planet beyond a debris field left behind by The Great Fleet Battle of Jōtun in 27 Teuthemi. The capstone of the war known as The Final Dissonance, the battle eliminated public opposition to the Tahora Whai in Teuthem Space.

Space Fauna

Teuthemi Leviathans

Also known as the Great Tahora, these "space whales" are immense megafauna native to Teuthem. Whaling is a major business in Teuthem and the Tahora Whai control access to the megafauna in their areas of space. Teuthemi Leviathans are noted for their abilty to crush ships with their great maws, communicate in a telepathic whale-song, and traverse interstellar distances.


At two meters long when mature, Mōkai are eel-like hunting pets of the Tahora Whai. Indigenous to the Tuethem system, these void-fauna are instincutally drawn to be closer to megafauna and cling to them. Natively, they have commensal symbiosis, rather than mutual or outright parasitic, relationship Tahora and other megafauna, but have been bred by Dynaeans and Tahora Whai to aid in scouting, tracking, and even herding of small megafauna. With teeth sharp enough to do minor harm to the Tahora, they latch on and work in unison to help steer the Tahora, interrupting their neural functions with their bioelectrical bursts. In reward for their valuable service, the Whai often give Mōkai surplus meat and blubber from lower-priority parts of megafauna.

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