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Name Meytaal'Afgryse
Affiliation Militant Dominionist Sects
Played By Player
Homeworld Kardakouk
Birth Date ?
Death Date ?
Species Tar'et
Gender Female
Bleed Aptitude Non-Magical
Height 12 foot
Weight Real fucking heavy

Traits and Appearance

A mostly mechanical monstrosity she retains barely any of her biological components.


The origins of Meytaal'Afgryse are not entirely known even to Nabrene. She was not an original member of his small group of freedom fighters on Kardakouk but was with him by the time of his escape from the planet. The only one of his cohort to survive the attempt. This was in part due to the typical sheer endurance of the Tar'et species and partly enhanced by the extreme cybernetic and mechanical implants all over her body. While many Tar'et are willing to employ external mechanical means like the ever ubiquitous mechanical legs they are far more reticent to utilise mechanical implants. The great size and power of their natural bodies is a point of pride for many in the species and they see the replacement of their biological parts with mechanical parts abhorrent, outside of medical necessity. Meytaal'Afgryse does not subscribe to this doctrine.

Even by the time of their escape Meytaal'Afgryse had 4 of her 12 natural legs replaced with mechanical versions. Thus in addition to a large plated replacement of most of her head left her almost unrecognisable I'm the eyes of ordinary Tar'et. And yet it is not clear if these replacements were medically necessary or by choice. Later changes would leave no room for doubt.

The current Meytaal'Afgryse can only barely be considered biological at all. A few patches of Tar'et chitin at various parts of her body and 3 legs mark what is left of the biological Meytaal'Afgryse. Everything else is a mechanical replacement. It is speculated if her consciousness is even her own anymore. The strange way she acts as protective bodyguard have led some to speculate that Nabrene completely replaced her original brain with an artificial intelligence. Others speculate that she is the real mastermind behind the escape and Nabrene serves merely as her pawn. What is clear however is that she is incredibly strong, incredibly durable and incredibly dangerous.

Her age is not known but the mechanical voice that has replaced her translator talks with the inflection of a young female which often leaves an uncanny and uncomfortable reaction from those who speak with her. Her body does not match the voice and the almost infantile way she tends to talk is often described by people who have heard her as incredibly upsetting.

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