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This page features the template for displaying a character on the wiki

Character Name
Name Full detailed name
Affiliation Faction or Organisation
Played By Faction or Player
Homeworld Homeworld
Birth Date Date of Birth
Death Date Date of Death
Species Species
Gender Gender Identity
Bleed Aptitude Magical or Non-Magical
Height Height
Weight Weight
Hair Colour Hair Colour
Eye Colour Eye Colour

This section should provide a brief blurb about the character, including if they are a faction character or a player character

Traits and Appearance

This section can be used to physically describe the character, including any distinguishing traits.


This section can be used to describe the life of the character, if you so choose being divided into subsections.

Early Life

Subsections such as this one, used to describe the character's childhood

Additional Links

This section is for linking to any other relevant content that is not appropriate for the wiki. Things such as

  • twitter accounts,
  • propaganda pieces,
  • etc.