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Hex 0012
First Planet Qaammatip Inua

Anangikwe is a part of the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai and marks the most South Western extent of the constellation



The gas giant of the system was a great boon to the locals. After the fall of the gates, the mining operations fell into neglect and the locals hunkered down on the largest moon known Qaammatip Inua.

Gas Mine Taktuk Itijuk

The mining operations, known as a Gassiliorfissuaq by locals, of Taktuk Itijuk are long in the tooth and has only recently been re-operationalized by the Whai.

Qaammatip Inua

The world, initially classifed as Planet BQ in interstellar charts, is in fact a large habitable moon of the local gas giant. It is known for its wild weather and its historical affiliation with the old mandate. After the Glitch disrupted interstellar travel, the people of the world put their star-faring ways behind them.

Sikoqasaarpoq Floe

Anorersuaq has a ring of ice and dust around its waist. A local space fauna known as Paarmuliaq inhabits this halo of debris.


Ikumak Belt

At the far reaches of Anagikwe's gravity well, the Ikumak Belt is a cloud of ice and rock. The region has several comets that regularly can be seen streaking across the skies of the central worlds. These firey objects gave this otherwise cold icy region its name.